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Authentic or Rigged? AE's Indie King Showcase exposed..

This passed Thursday Dec.23rd Authentic Empire held it's fifth installment of their Indie King Showcase. Where artist come from all over the United States for a chance to win $25k and join the AE imprint roster. Which is the same company Foogiano is signed to (He was "The Winner Of The First Indie King" showcase). The winner of the 5th installment was an artist by the name of "3 Jay Fool" (seen above in pic). Just like Foogiano he is seen wearing an AE shirt and chain months before the event. In fact every artist that has won the Indie Kings Showcases has had previous post of them in the office with The CEO of AE Boom Man and / or with AE Merch on. So this leads people to believe that the Showcase is rigged. Do you think it is a coincidence that this happens? or do you think the showcase is rigged?. Please comment and share !!

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