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Kendrick Lamar Starts "BAR WAR"

Updated: May 19

On April 29th 2024 the Hip Hop World woke up to the highly anticipated Diss Song response from one of the most Highly Revered Lyricist of this Generation of Rap. Towards the most celebrated rapper of this Generation. Kendrick Lamar has been long considered the heir to the throne of the late great 2Pac. Coming from the west coast & crowned the King of West Coast Rap prior to being in the music industry.

Kendrick has been carrying the crown for over a decade. Recently he appeared as a guest emcee on Future & Metro Boomin's song "Like That". It was on this song that Kendrick made an aggressive statement proclaiming that "There Is No Big 3, It's just Big Me". This statement would detonate like a nucleur bomb and set off a "BAR WAR" equivalent to a Civil War of Hip Hop.

With Fellow Artists & Fans choosing sides, this verse would send a wave like ripple throughout the music scene and have us all anticipating what was to come next. What happened next would change the trajectory of Hip Hop. J Cole ( An Artist That was considered to be Amongst The Big 3) would respond immediately, only to recant and back out of the war before it got too far gone. A move that disappointed his fans and everyone else that wants the blood to fill the streets (Figuratively Speaking). This will automatically revoke his claim to the throne and leave Drake to defend his stance and take on KDot for the #1 spot. Drake would make us all wait for weeks before he delivered not one but 2 diss tracks aimed at going to combat with Kendrick Lamar himself.

Drake has been in multiple rap beefs before and survived, but this one is different. He is up against a formidable opponent. So After dropping his first diss "PUSH UPS" he eagerly dropped a second diss "Taylor Made" ft. 2pac & Snoop Dogg AI Voices in an attempt to taunt Kendrick into hurrying up and dropping his diss song. That move came with consequences and he was forced to remove it from online. Now just when everyone was ready to move on from this whole situation. Kendrick Lamar dropped his response and shakes up the industry. Watch video below as Rico The "PLUG" does a Bar for Bar breakdown & give you his assessment on what it means to him.

What are your thoughts on this situation?

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