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If you're an artist that's looking to get signed. I suggest you reconsider. If you're an "Independent Artist" looking to generate wealth from your music. It's time to get creative. If you're an Entrepreneur that is starting a Label, Good Luck. If you're a Label owner that's been in the business, It's time to get resourceful.

The post attached may be bad news to the Mainstream Industry Personnel, but then again it could be "Great News" for all of us. Let's look at it this way. We now have an opportunity to introduce a new system of how things run when it comes to our Genre of music.

Rap Music has been and still is "The Sound That Moves The Economy. We are responsible for making companies Billions of dollars. Also making a few Billionaires amongst our peers. With that said. We can now put our resources together and build a business structure that can sustain our "Culture" and put the power back in the hands of those that create the music. - Rico "THE PLUG" -


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