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Hustler On The Rise: Lil V Tea "Life Before Fame"

In a date and time where music is what you make it to be. It is far and in between where you'll come across an "Unpolished Jewel". So as i was sifting through the internet garbage dump of daily blogs. I came across a random comment from an Up & Coming Artist by the name of Lil V Tea. In which he stated "He was A Dope Rapper & Was Going to Be a Star One Day". This not being my first time seeing this marketing tactic used in daily comment sections, but for some reason I chose to see who this braggadocios young artist is & why he felt like he had what it takes to be a star. To my surprise I was impressed by what I came across.

It turns out that this young energetic artist does have a unique quality & the Determination to make it. My first thought was "This Dude Has What It Takes To Grab Attention" , but can he become a star ? After going down the rabbit hole of previous music. I am convinced that with the right team and attitude he may just be on his way. What do you think?

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