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Boosie has set his goals to shut down the internet amidst the numerous times the internet has tried to shut him down. Last year he found himself having to make upwards of 3 instagram pages, because of him being outspoken on certain topics,or just plain over the top antics that he has displayed on certain social media platforms. Now he is out to prove to the powers that be that "There's No Shutting Him Down". He was quoted as saying that "As Long As The Streets Love Me, You Can't Band Boosie Bad Ass". With his Pay-Per-View Event "Boosie Gone Bad" Wednesday March 16th. You can expect for him to be up to all of his antics on his own terms. To view this event his fans must purchase tickets at . This is a 21 and up viewership event so you already know what to expect. Will you be tuning in to watch "Boosie Gone Bad" ?

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