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Bar Exam: "No More RuPaul Let's Get Back To The Pac" - @PeshMayweatherDTE (ig) #TRHBAREXAM

Pesh Mayweather is The Self Proclaimed "Best Rapper In Atlanta" . Infact he has a standing $50,000 challenge for any rapper from Atlanta, that's got any Traction in the game to test his stance. He recently went on the infamous LA Leakers Show and showed the world why he believes he is "Who He Say He Is". During his freestyle session over some classic hip hop beats. He said some bars that sound like he was coming for some industry artist heads. in one "BAR" he stated "No More RuPaul Let's get Back to The Pac". Some people are speculating that this was a jab at a now "Infamous Rapper" from the Atlanta area. What Do You Think?

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