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B Strilla Drops "Came In" video

Consistently applying pressure B-Strilla is back with yet another hit single “Came In” which explains the struggles of growing up in the streets and the effects of being a part of that life.

 “Came in this b*tch with my stick on me” the hook references the need to keep protection on him by any means because you have to be prepared for anything to pop off at any given moment. The beat will capture any listener with its catchy and heavy bass paired with his unique word play.The self-made rising hip hop icon is creating an unmatched blueprint that will set him up for an exploding success.

 Available now on all platforms “Came In” will erupt the scene, and be in the ears and streets everywhere!

Putting on for the streets of Hickory, North Carolina,  B-Strilla is big-bank stepping into the music industry. A natural born hustler, go-getter, business man, and entrepreneur, B-Strilla found his way into the music scene as an alternative route from the street life. 

Follow B-Strilla:

Instagram @bstrilla  


Twitter @officialstrilla 

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