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Subtitle The.Conjuring.the.Devil.Made.Me.Do.It....

That case quickly became known as "The Devil Made Me Do It Case", hence the film's subtitle, with paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren drafted in to advise, although as you might expect the judge was not particularly interested in such a fantastical defense.

subtitle The.Conjuring.the.Devil.Made.Me.Do.It....


This subtitle ain't just a cheeky expression. It refers to a legitimate legal argument. Like the first two Conjuring films, The Devil Made Me Do It takes its inspiration from a real life Warren case, one that put the married couple at the center of a bonkers legal situation. For the first time ever, an American murder suspect argued that they couldn't be found guilty of the crime, as they were demonically possessed at the time. How will the Warrens figure into this? While James Wan will not be directing this entry (the first official Conjuring film he hasn't helmed), he still returns as a producer, and collaborated on the story with The Conjuring 2 screenwriter David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick. Michael Chaves, fresh off The Curse of La Llorona, will be directing, using returning Conjuring-verse vets like incredible DP Michael Burgess and incredible composer Joseph Bishara.

I'm very excited about this film! I love the damn Conjuring-verse, I love that we're getting another entry in the official series, and I capital L Love that we'll be stepping into legal thriller territory, as I love that genre about as much as I love the horror genre (read: a lot!). However, I must say: On its face, especially for a series dedicated to a more grounded verisimilitude in its depictions of horror, The Devil Made Me Do It is an impossibly silly subtitle. I worry it might turn off both newcomers to the franchise and vets who demand something a little more serious. Still -- they've got me right where they want me, silly title notwithstanding.

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