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Buy Real Gold Jewelry Online

You won't have to worry about running into painted colors, gold plating, hollow gold, or vermeil. They carry a large selection of engagement rings and fine jewelry in white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. They even have two tone diamond rings like this stunning 14K two tone rose and white gold bypass engagement ring below:

buy real gold jewelry online

James Allen's gold jewelry options carry 14k and 18K solid gold jewelry. Most of their rose gold fine jewelry will be 14K, not all. They don't offer any plain gold jewelry, but that doesn't mean you have to get glitter galore.

All of James Allen's fine jewelry comes with a lifetime warranty that covers wear and tear. This includes services for rhodium plating white gold jewelry, polishing and cleaning, tightening stones, and retipping prongs.

For engagement rings and wedding bands, they give 1 free ring sizing within the first year if needed. If you don't like your gold jewelry from James Allen, they have a 30 day return policy and is easily initiated through their customer service.

Blue Nile is also a top-notch to purchase real gold jewelry online. They offer a wide selection of engagement rings and fine jewelry set in solid gold. They have many items that don't include stones and have a massive selection of real solid gold earrings.

Not only do they carry rose, yellow, and white gold jewelry, they also carry Italian gold, which is a little different than the norm. It simply has been designed in Italy, but it's kind of cool to be able to purchase some from a reputable dealer.

If you like diamonds or colored gemstones with your gold jewelry, they have many options for each. All of Blue Nile's gold jewelry will be set in either 14K or 18K. It will always be solid gold. The gold jewelry ranges from affordable prices up to very expensive, like this 18K Italian Gold cuff bracelet from their Extraordinary collection:

If you're not a fan of Blue Nile's gold jewelry, they also offer 30 day returns, money back guarantee. The process is pretty simple and shouldn't cause much stress as you can initiate it online. Keep in mind that Blue Nile does have many special order items and special orders can't be returned.

While Brilliant Earth isn't a green company, they are maximizing their efforts to giving back in many ways. One of the ways they do this is through their gold jewelry. They use recycled gold to ensure responsible sourcing and to be better for the environment.

Like others, they don't carry any plain gold jewelry. All of it is solid gold too. They do carry a wide selection of unique gemstone gold jewelry. They don't have every gold color option for every piece.

Helzberg Diamonds is a chain retailer that has many stores across the United States. They also have an online store where you can create your own engagement ring or pick from preset jewelry. They also have a large selection of gold jewelry.

There's no need to go searching too hard to find Helzberg's selection of over 200 pieces of gold jewelry. The section is entirely made up of gold jewelry without stones. There's plenty of gold jewelry with diamonds and gemstones, but that can be found everywhere else that was on the site.

Most of this section is solid gold chains, which are increasingly difficult to find online. Most online retailers are focused on their engagement rings and wedding bands, so this does set them apart from other retailers we mention.

Even though most of their gold jewelry selection is gold hoop earrings and gold chains, there's a lot of variation in their styles. They have popular curb chains, cable chains, rope chains, cuban link, and spiga chains. Many of them come in white gold and yellow gold.

Gold is the most popular metal for diamond engagement rings. Often time, people don't realize that real gold come in colors other than yellow gold. I've heard often over years people saying they prefer silver to gold. But usually what they're referring to is the actual color of the gold.

There are a number of reasons why the price of gold jewelry may increase or decrease. The value of gold itself actually increases and decrease for those selling it, much like the stock exchange numbers. Thankfully, gold jewelry at jewelry stores do not fluctuate unless the manufacturer's deem it so.

Real, solid gold jewelry is comes in a range of prices, but is generally more expensive than other metals. Exceptions to this may be gold jewelry that also contains high quality diamonds or gemstones. Another factor that can contribute to the cost of a piece of gold jewelry is the brand.

Solid real gold should be more expensive than other metals like stainless steel, sterling silver, or other alternative metals. It's possible to find gold jewelry pieces that are two-tone with sterling silver that aren't usually over $300.

While many of these factors can be chalked up to personal preference or a "if you like that sort of thing" notion, there are a few things you can be sure of when it comes to the price of real gold. The more gold karats the jewelry contains, the more expensive it'll be.

You'll find that most fine jewelry collections will carry either 14K or 18K gold jewelry. Some have special collections that have jewelry in 22K . Most 24K jewelry is used in other countries, as 24 is pure gold. You can still find pure gold jewelry in America, you're just less likely to happen upon it unless you're searching for it.

The remaining parts in a jewelry piece that aren't gold are a mixture of different metals called alloy. You might see it referred to as metal alloys as well. White gold alloys contain white metals like palladium, nickel, platinum, and silver.

This is only half true. Most of the cheap jewelry bought at department stores, Amazon, Ebay, or Etsy is gold plated. They're supposed to tell if so, but not all trustworthy dealers do. When the plating wears off, the base metal is exposed. Many statement pieces and cocktail rings are gold plated.

Nickel is the leading cause of metal allergies. Most fine jewelry today is either nickel free or contains trace amount. People with mild nickel allergies will be able to wear 14K gold without any issue. Rare, severe, nickel allergies may not allow some to wear gold that is mixed with any alloy.

Real gold should be stamped with the amount of karats it is followed by either K or KT. Legally, gold jewelry should be stamped. But if you're not buying off our recommended retailers, you could get duped. Here are some of the gold jewelry you might come across in your search.

In your online search, it's highly possible you'll come across jewelry that is either described in the title or description as plated or gold plated. You may even see it phrased as "real 14K gold plated jewelry". It's not lying, to an extent.

When a piece is labeled as gold plated, it means a thin layer of real gold has been painted (electroplated actually) over another metal called the base metal. Base metals of gold plated jewelry can be sterling silver, stainless steel, surgical steel, or unnamed metals.

Gold plating won't usually have a physical stamp on the jewelry, but should be indicated in title or description as what karat the gold plating is. It can be found labeled in some places as 14K GP for gold plated.

Gold filled jewelry has a thick layer of plating that is usually done over brass or another base metal. When comparing gold filled vs gold plated jewelry, they are very similar. It'll last longer than gold plated jewelry, but will eventually meet the same fate.

You won't find many of the best gold chains online at any of our recommended retailers. It is possible to find gold jewelry labeled as gold plated, since the difference between the two is only how thick the plating layer is.

Hollow gold jewelry is made up of real gold, and air. That's right, you're paying for air. Instead of your gold being heavy the way that gold normally is. Hollow gold jewelry is like the proverbial empty soul of gold jewelry.

Aside from the dramatics, hollow gold jewelry is very lightweight. The outside frame of the jewelry is pure and solid gold, but inside its empty. I've seen hollow gold jewelry at both Kay and Zales in for the form of 14K gold hoop earrings and even in gold rope chains.

While the price is cheaper than solid gold jewelry, it does leave something to be desired. Hollow gold jewelry feels even cheaper than it is. Hollow gold jewelry is stamped with the gold karat on the piece as technically the only metal is real gold.

You simply can't tell the difference between hollow and solid gold jewelry on a website. But it won't be hard to notice once you have it in your hands. Places like Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, and Overstock may sell hollow gold jewelry without disclosure.

Vermeil gold is silver jewelry that has been plated with real gold. The difference between vermeil and gold plated jewelry is that gold plated jewelry is plated over any base metal. True vermeil pieces are plated over silver.

When you buy gold jewelry anywhere, it's important that you purchase from a place that sells lifetime warranties. Contrary to consumer belief, no jewelry lasts forever. It is susceptible to damage. This is especially true for rings.

If you're looking to buy white gold jewelry, you'll want a lifetime warranty to keep up with rhodium plating. If you have diamonds in your ring, you'll want to make sure they get tightened should they ever come loose. When prongs eventually start catching on clothing, you'll want to get them retipped.

What makes our retailers a trusted place is that many of them have 24 hour customer service, online chats, and are required to communicate with customers in a timely fashion. All of them also have a solid return policy. Make sure that no matter where you purchase real gold jewelry from, it has an easy and painless return process just in case you don't like it.

With its inaccessible prices, technical terminology, and nebulous production practices, the world of fine jewelry is intimidating to step into. For a generation that cares simultaneously about value, style, sustainability, and ethics, it can be challenging to find the best online jewelry stores that meet our criteria. 041b061a72


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