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Neuters ((TOP))

Spay/neuter remains the most effective method to reduce animal intake and euthanasia. Please do your part to help decrease the number of dogs and cats entering local shelters. Maricopa County Animal Care & Control spays or neuters all dogs and cats that we adopt out, but we do not provide spay/neuter services to owned animals. We do, however, partner with several groups to provide spay/neuter services. Please visit Animal Defense League of Arizona or Fix.Adopt.Save. to find clinics that provide affordable spay/neuter services in your area.


The City operates the Spay & Neuter Clinic which provides low cost spays and neuters, vaccinations and flea control products for cats and dogs. The clinic is a successful prevention strategy in helping to control Eugene's overall pet population.

By focusing and specializing in spays / neuters and utilizing a developed streamlined surgical process, we are able to perform both high-quality and high-volume spays / neuters. We process clients and patients as a group, offer very limited services and provide very few options. This streamlined approach has little flexibility but allows us to operate at a lower cost and offer spays / neuters at a low price.

Our hospital routinely performs spays and neuters, the surgical sterilization of female and male dogs and cats. Spaying involves removal of the uterus and ovaries of female dogs and cats and is called ovariohysterectomy. Neutering involves removal of the testicles of male dogs and cats and is called castration.Both procedures are performed under general anesthesia and both involve a surgical incision. Pain management medications are used routinely to ensure your pet's comfort.These surgeries are performed most commonly at or around six months of age. However, many veterinarians recommend and perform this procedure at a younger age. Ask our staff about spaying or neutering your pet to help prevent unwanted sexual behavior and pregnancies and to decrease or eliminate the possibility of certain disease conditions later in life.

The services and their costs that are provided are the followingdog spay $105 , cat spay $65 , dog neuter $75 and cat neuter $45.Surgeries except cat neuters are done by appointment M-F. Proof ofrabies vaccination must be provided or rabies will be done for anadditional $12. East Baton Rouge requires all animals residing inEast Baton Rouge parish be licensed at an additional cost of$10.

In addition to low-cost spays and neuters on dogs and cats, Healthy Pets Spay, Neuter, And Wellness Clinic provides a wide range of preventive veterinary care including vaccinations, heartworm testing, feline combo testing, fecal exams, microchipping, dental, nail trims and so much more! Call or email today to schedule your appointment! We look forward to meeting you and your four-legged family members!

NOTE: we book large dog spay/neuters (over 30 lbs.) quickly and we have limited spots. These typically book these out at least 2-3 weeks in advance. Additional charges may apply for pregnancy, in heat, cryptorchidism (un-descended testicles), fleas and umbilical hernia repair. Please let us know when scheduling if your pet has any medical conditions.

Routine spays and neuters are scheduled Monday through Friday. Animals are dropped off between 7:45am-8:30am the day of surgery and will go home the same day! It is important that you do not feed them after 10:00 pm the night before to reduce the risks associated with anesthesia. Please continue to offer fresh water up until the time they are admitted for surgery.

Spays and neuters are common procedures and are performed nearly every day in our clinic. There is always some risk, but serious complications are rare. Most pets are up and around the next day with some soreness for a few days afterward. Pain medication is available to ease the recovery period. 041b061a72


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