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Maine Cabin Masters - Season 7

Maine Cabin Masters is a reality television show airing on the Magnolia Network (formerly known as DIY Network) that chronicles the restoration and renovation of cabins in Maine.[1] The show centers on contractor Chase Morrill, his designer sister Ashley Morrill, and her carpenter husband Ryan Eldridge.[2][3][4] Also featured in each episode are master carpenters Matt "Dixie" Dix and Jared "Jedi" Baker.[5][4] It debuted on January 2, 2017, and as of November 2022 is in its eighth season. Over its first three seasons, it was DIY's highest rated program.

Maine Cabin Masters - Season 7


Release Date:January 9, 2023Location:Maranacook Lake, ReadfieldOwners:Lisa Craig, and son JamesBudget & Timeline:$50,000, 12 weeksSpecial Projects:Chainsaw-carved frog bench, Mason jar frog and butterfly lights, CNC-cut frog shelf bracketsQuote(s):Synopsis:Lisa Craig calls on the Cabin Masters to help restore the camp her husband Randy was fixing up before he suddenly passed away. Chase, Ashley, and Ryan get right to work on the old boy's camp cabin and pull out all the stops, even calling on the kind folks at Friends of Cobbossee Watershed to help reinforce the shoreline on which the cabin is precariously located. With some TLC left behind by Randy and the love and care of the Cabin Masters team, the Craig's camp is fixed up just in time for them to enjoy the summer season!

Release Date:August 8, 2022Synopsis:Grab your time machine and a comfy chair, because tonight the Maine Cabin Masters are counting down their top ten most historic camps. Over the years, the masters have renovated and preserved many camps steeped in Vacationland history and lore by adding a modern spin to their projects without losing any of their vintage charm. From antique clam shacks and broken down beach clubs, to hundred year old farmhouses and lagging log cabins, join the masters as they shake off the dust, root out the rot, and revisit classic cabin restorations all across Maine. This episode is one for the history books!

Release Date:June 15, 2020Synopsis:Chase, Ryan, and Ashley showcase their most challenging builds from all four seasons. Deleted scenes include Dixie firing off a miniature cannon at the twister cabin in Bridgton.

Release Date:Mar. 16, 2020Location:Great PondOwners:Jay and Linda SaulterBudget & Timeline:$35,000, 10 weeksSpecial Projects:Stair rail with fish balusters (and one shark), kids' craft shop made out of the old ice house, 10-foot working lighthouse built and donated by Jay's friends John and DarrenQuote(s):Synopsis:After relocating back to Maine, a family of five has been cramped in their small 3-season 1940s cabin on a peninsula overlooking Great Pond. It's so small the youngest daughter sleeps in the camper. Chase and the team want to expand the footprint of the cabin by adding a loft space, but they must work fast to finish the restoration before winter.

Release Date:Mar. 12, 2018Location:Tilton Point, McGrath Pond, OaklandOwners:Stephanie SturtevantBudget & Timeline:$30,000 - $35,000, 8 weeksSpecial Projects:Decoupaged photos, wine rack made of old water skis, countertops made from 19th-century water-aged logs from Quakish Lake extracted by Maine Heritage Timber in Millinocket, updated grilling and smoking stone firepit, handmade paddle uprights for the loft railQuote(s):Synopsis:Chase and his team take on a project on McGrath Pond in Oakland that has been empty for 15 years. Stephanie bought this 1940s place from her father and promised him she would fix it up. After her father passed a few years ago, she knew she needed to get some help so she could fulfill her promise and bring it back to the fun cabin it once was. While it seems like a pretty straightforward renovation, starting a project this late in the season raises a lot of challenges. Can Chase and his team get this project done before winter comes and brings construction to a halt?

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