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Hunter, M R Gays With Guns 02 Fake Bodygua...

A journalist bets a gambler that he can take a greenhorn that's never handled a gun out to Dodge, and with a little rumor mongering, have him pass as a gunslinger and not get killed in two weeks, but the gambler hedges his bet to influence the outcome.

Hunter, M R Gays With Guns 02 Fake Bodygua...


Red called Kate cleanup a massacre of Cabal operatives at an airstrip perpetuated by Reddington and Dembe, including Vargas. While there, she makes it to look like Liz was killed to lure out the person who put a bounty on her head. After she was done with the fake photo, she cleaned up and disposed the bodies.

Reddington discovered that Kate helped provide documents to Tom and Agnes so they could flee to Cuba. When Red confronts her, Kate admits it and says she did it to protect Agnes from Reddington but he reveals that he knows they are in Cuba because Alexander Kirk knows it too and is on his way to take them. Kate then reveals in horror that Liz is alive and hiding with them too, having faked her death at Kate's direction.

When Liz refused to let Red in to see Agnes, Kate used the opportunity to propose Liz fake her death so she could escape Reddington's world. Before that she approached Nik and he explained what he needed to put her into a medically induced coma by faking her vitals dropping. Nik then injected her with a beta blocker to disguise her slowed heart rate as a flatline. Once Kaplan escorted her body out, Nik injected her with a drug to counter the beta-blocker and Liz was brought out of the coma, alive.

President Obama appeared on national television speaking about more gun control. I believe this makes him a traitor to the United States of America. The founding fathers of this great country held guns in the highest regard. They understood the American people needed guns in order to secure this country from those who would do it harm from other countries, bad people and our own countries government. If i hear one more report of more gun control i am going to scream. The facts are that there is a gun for every citizen in this country. Gun control is the governments way of keeping the legeal American gun owners under their big thumb. This does not help the American people, these kind of gun control measures hurt the American people. I am going to say something that needs to be said and you may not like it. The latest school shooting was not gun controls fault. It was the schools fault and i hope someone sues the hell out of them. The school had a buzzer system at the door, all other doors opened from the inside, they buzzed in and allowed a man dressed in tactical gear and a bulletproof vest carrying weapons in full view even though they saw it in video monitor because they knew the subject. The guns he used were stolen from his own dead mothers home. It may not be easy for the public to accept this truth, but never the less it is the truth. Gun control could not help those families from loosing their children. We as parents send our children to school every week day for 8 hours a day. We want them to be educated, safe and taught how to be good citizens, but as we have all noticed this is no longer the case. I live in a good community and the day after this latest school shooting the first thing the school board did was pass a measure to install inside locks on all doors, a video system and a door buzzer. They ran evacuation drills, my daughters teacher read the offical evacuation instructions to the class. Then she spoke to the children as a parent. She told them that if someone came in shooting up the school, her instuctions, were to go out the window run across the grass to the church across the street. To not wait for her and that she would meet them there after she finished evacuating the room. I appreciated her her preforming her job, but i am more thankful for her personal thoughts about a gunman situation. My state legislature then immediatly started a bill to arm the teachers, and install gunsafes. Our leaders could not understand way everyone else should be armed, but not the schools.In my state we have conceal and carry and almost everyone i have met young and old, male and female own a personal firearm. Our crime is very low because even grandma is packing. I would feel more secure sending my childern to school knowing that not only are my kids being educated but are being well protected. Most kids around here have been shooting and hunting since they were 10 years old or younger. There was a case here at school were a kid took a gun to school, but it was for hobby day. No one had an intention of shooting anybody and to be fair to the kid nobody told him no guns. The office kept the gun at the office until his parent picked it up and the rest of the parents got a note sent home and the world went on. I wasnt worried about it because the kid was well trained in his gun. If we educate and train everyone young and old about gun safety then our country would be a safer place. I am pretty sure i have upset alot of people with my comments and i dont care. The truth hurts, but having your kids shot will hurt alot more. Teach your kids how to shoot guns, make sure you take them hunting so they can see the damage done by that gu . push for more guns allowed in public places because when only the bad guys are allowed carry them guns, bad things happen. I am going to add to my gun collection now before some idiot in a tie makes it harder to do so. Please be a good American and suppountry frcountry and kept it safe from all that would harm her. This great land of ours was founded on its patriots blood. Be thankful for every drop and do not allow it to have been spilled invain.

why? anyone reading this knows why? More important is WHAT. I have 3 adult children with no interest in firearms. I am sure there will come a time when they are interested and that time will probably be when guns/ammo are unobtainable or at least difficult to obtain. I have gotten each of them a RUGER SP 101 in .357. These things are made like an anvil, very difficult to break, and as idiot proof and intuitive as a firearm can be. I also have several .22 cal revolvers, as you can carry a thousand rounds with relative ease. A couple of double barrel shotguns and you have a small arsenal that will function reliably in the hands of a novice.

Just so you know up front, I am ex-military, as well as ex-law enforcement. I hold our military men and women in the highest regard. I have nothing but respect and admiration for our law officers. I will not go out seeking to start trouble with anyone, period. But, if the powers that be think they can take away my guns, Caty bar the door. Since this admininstration has been in office I have bought more guns and ammo than ever before. I have many weapons, for distance as well as up close and personal. I sincerely hope that no one ever attempts to hurt me or my family, or to take away what I have worked my whole life to have. If and when that time does come though, I promise that the streets of this country will turn crimson. My hope is that we the people can get rid of that moron in the white house, so we can start enforcing the laws again, instead of issuing an executive order around them.

I buys guns because they are fun to shoot, collectable, and necessary for hunting game. I live in CA and have not had any problems with purchasing either guns or ammo. If you are buying guns because you think you are going to war with the government or zombies, you are a moron. Instead focus on companies that are shipping your jobs overseas along with their profits, those are the real hoarders.

1. A sense of well being resulting from the confidence a gun owner has in maintaining the ability to level the field in the event of violent confrontation.2. Guns are fun to shoot and make a cool noise when chambering a round or pressing the trigger.3. Developing and improving physical skills such as shooting accurately, operating firearms efficiently and achieving calm control under a variety of conditions is gratifying. Buying different guns contributes to diverse skill sets such as mastery of various firearms and their use, care, & maintenance.4. Different family mambers have different physical abilities and preferences, so acquiring (different) guns provides an opportunity for all that want to participate in gun ownership.5. Personal and home defense are obligations we each have to ourselves, our families, friends and communities. Different tasks require different tools. One gun does not fit all people or circumstances.6. Once I had confidence in our leaders to look out for our civilian interests. Once I believed civilians had the will and the authority to ensure our leaders remained in office only as long as they performed in our interests. Now, I believe civilians are being forgotten, ignored and abandoned by leaders that appear to be interested only in their personal agendas. The ideals, moral obligations and political mandates that are representative of the civilians are no longer actively respected nor represented by elected leaders. Without confidence and trust in our leaders and our government that they are intrusted to run, I feel obligated to address issues of personal and home security proactively. I am more vulnerable now than I have ever been. Buying and owning more firearms simply improves my odds in balance with the decreasing chances that our government will step up on behalf of me, my family, my friends and my community.7. I have the right to buy, own and possess firearms. I do not need to provide a reason for what I have or what I may acquire. Its constitutional, its historically appropriate, and its may be necessary in the face of threats, either foreign or domestic. I answer this question because I wish to share my thoughts, knowing there are many others with similar interests.

I have always had the basics (22, shotgun, and centerfire rifle) along with a handgun or two. I can now afford to purchase nicer guns and I have exercised that option along with enough ammo and reloading components to be able to shoot for a while without running out. 041b061a72


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