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How to Make Money on Tick Tock in 2023

Every "tick" represented a shrinking of the process technology of the previous microarchitecture (sometimes introducing new instructions, as with Broadwell, released in late 2014) and every "tock" designated a new microarchitecture.[1] These occurred roughly every year to 18 months.[2] In 2014, Intel created a "tock refresh" of a tock in the form of a smaller update to the microarchitecture[3] not considered a new generation in and of itself.

I don't believe "tick-tock" appeared in the 1968 first edition of The New Language of Politics. (After the 1972 edition, it was published as Safire's Political Dictionary in 1978, 1993, and 2008.) Safire also defined "tick-tock" in a 1973 Times column.

tick tock

The shop offers the largest selection of watches and clocks in Colorado. Hundreds of clocks (including dozens of grandfather clocks) and over 1700 new watches are on display. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to help with all your timekeeping needs. The Tick Tock Shop has a staff of five full time repair technicians, in addition to two generations of the Mattson family working together to keep your timepieces ticking

Tick Tock Day may also be a day to look at personal goals. Did you finish reading that book? Bucket lists call our names. Where do we want to travel? We may still need to explore some exotic foods, too. Maybe your goals are grander or simpler. Whatever they are, tick-tock.

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The feedback that you receive as you run through your tick tock doc is also useful for future communications. Perhaps someone had a strong reaction in a public setting and others look to this person for a clue on how to react. Could you front load a 1:1 next time with that person and get them on the same page early? Maybe you learned that particular mediums worked better for different audiences, or you missed some obvious pushback that a part of the team had. Make sure to note these in your tick tock doc for next time!

Gravity also influences the passage of time; clocks closer to a massive object will tick more slowly than clocks farther away. GPS satellites, which orbit at altitudes of 20,000 km above Earth, require nanosecond precision timekeeping and have to be corrected for this general relativistic effect to operate reliably.

Please review your items in the tick tock from a timing perspective and send me any corrections. Visual Studio is pivoting on the conclusion of the keynote, and our plan is to update the SDK as soon as Update 2 goes out.

I had difficulty finding good citations for tick tock, mostly because the phrase is too common to be searchable. One document I found was kind enough to provide sort of a definition via context:

Before the clock runs out and John's $14 million contract goes live, John passes through an alley where the Tick-Tock Man kept an appearance as a harmless street person by ranting incoherently to himself. When he noticed John, the Tick-Tock Man dropped the façade and tells him "Tick-tock, Mr. Wick. Tick-tock..."


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