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Watch Contracted Movie in Hindi Dubbed Online: The Best Sites to Stream or Download Horror Movies

Contracted Movie Download in Hindi Dubbed: A Review

If you are a fan of horror movies, especially zombie movies, you might have heard of Contracted movie. It is a 2013 American zombie-body horror independent film written and directed by Eric England. It stars Najarra Townsend as a young woman who contracts a mysterious sexually transmitted disease after being raped at a party. The disease causes her to undergo a horrific transformation that turns her into a flesh-eating zombie.

contracted movie download in hindi dubbed

In this article, we will review Contracted movie and tell you why you should watch it in hindi dubbed. We will also compare it with other zombie movies and give you some recommendations for more horror movies to watch. So, if you are looking for contracted movie download in hindi dubbed, read on to find out more.

What is Contracted Movie?

Contracted movie is a low-budget indie film that was released in 2013. It was first screened at the Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival and later distributed by IFC Films. It has been compared to the 2012 film Thanatomorphose, with which it shares some similarities. However, Contracted movie has also been praised for its originality and creativity in depicting the zombie genre.

Plot summary

The movie follows Samantha, a lesbian who is trying to get over her breakup with her girlfriend Nikki. She goes to a party hosted by her friend Alice, where she drinks heavily and takes drugs. She is then approached by BJ, a stranger who offers her a drink. She tells him that she is not interested in men, but he drugs her and rapes her in his car.

The next morning, Samantha wakes up feeling sick and nauseous. She thinks she has a hangover, but soon realizes that something is wrong with her body. She starts bleeding from her vagina, developing rashes on her skin, losing her hair and teeth, vomiting blood, and hearing voices in her head. She visits her doctor, who suspects that she has contracted an STD from heterosexual intercourse. He prescribes her some antibiotics and tells her to come back for more tests.

However, Samantha's condition worsens day by day. She tries to reconnect with Nikki, who rejects her and accuses her of cheating on her with a man. She also alienates her mother, who does not accept her sexuality and thinks she is on drugs again. She becomes more aggressive and violent towards others, killing a man who tries to rape her and attacking Alice's boyfriend Zain.

Meanwhile, BJ is revealed to be a necrophiliac who had sex with a corpse that had a biohazard symbol on its toe tag. He also infected several other women with his disease, which turns out to be a new strain of rabies that causes b70169992d


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