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[S6E21] Let It Bleed _BEST_

As Crusher gives Riker her diagnosis, he simply stares straight forward. She says someone has been accessing his long term memory and he is in neural shock. Picard tells him that he was abducted during the mission and put in a psychiatric ward. Crusher heals a cut on the left side of his face, identical to the one Worf gave him earlier, but it still hurts. The cut reopens and starts to bleed.

[S6E21] Let It Bleed

Riker finds himself back in the play, but Suna is playing Data's role. Riker starts demanding answers, and refuses to answer Suna's questions. But when Suna makes a demand, the cut on Riker's face starts bleeding again, and he figures out that Suna is lying and trying to manipulate him. When Suna pleads, "Let me help you," Riker snaps, "NO!" at which the audience applauds. He shoves Suna away, and the audience cheers him on and stands applauding as he continues to resist. He pounds the set, and finally he and the scene shatter apart for the last time.

Troi explains that everything he saw was a defense mechanism, which allowed his mind to keep its sanity. Most notably, the bleeding cut on his head exactly corresponded to the point where the neural drain device was attached; it was his body warning him that he was being injured. Picard advises Riker to get some rest, but he has something he must do first. Later on, Riker returns to the stage where he had previously performed in the play. Crusher tells him that she and the stage crew are planning on striking the set in the morning, but he decides to knock the set down himself; he couldn't sleep knowing it was still up. After Crusher leaves, Riker starts tearing the set down, forcefully, with his bare hands.

That night, Tommy ends up having a seizure in the bathroom, with fragments on the past bleeding back through. With cuts and scrapes all over him, Ada races in and patches him up. She urges him to see a doctor but Tommy refuses. At least until he stops Mosley and his current business. 041b061a72


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