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Stretched Bdsm

DOWNLOAD: -0007-0020-0001Co. Prod. CHECKSI can't fucking focusBrain is being stretched to the size of moleculesCompare myself to numbersI am fucking worthlessTurn me to a bot so i can be automated and talk in the algorithm01000100I E irl pleaseCommunication must be terminated*scream*Artificial like synapses formingBloodstream turning into tubes of codingSee the binary in my retina floatingTaking over vision it starts encryptingSame with the physical shutdown body, body, body, bodyShut the fuck up you are not in controlShut the fuck up i am not in controlShut the fuck up who the hell's in controlAlmost a bot now losing soulI am a slave to the fucking codeLosing emotions turn hollowNo free will have limited sightOnly act in my parametersVerse2:Off to digital hellCasting digital spellsNo bottom to this wellEndless Css & Html'sMalwareIn my system & it's taking my seat to driveIt's deteriorating meWhile dragging my digital body[htmlKasha_Falla_Balaash_A_Malla_Ka]]Took a backdoor to different realmNo 0&1s only alien text[htmlKasha_Falla_Balaash_A_Malla_Ka]][htmlKasha_Falla_Balaash_A_Malla_Ka]][htmlKasha_Falla_Moloch_A_Malla_Ka]]Back to digital hell (punch in?)Casting digital spellsNo bottom to this wellEndless Css &Get the fuck out (punch in?)Overloaded SystemAll harm no wisdomDeath & CPSystem failing (4)SystemHarmful files too much spaceI have fell from graceCan't reboot my mainframeVirus Virus has infected every part of my systemI have lost controlI love digital hellCasting digital spellsNo bottom to this hellEndlessCrypto-anarchyTill i've infectedDigital hellscape100 percentBlue Screening UsersRecode to virusSpreading us furtherUntil the web can't escape us[htmlKasha_Falla_Balaash_A_Malla_Ka]]

stretched bdsm



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