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The Tennis Master [PORTABLE] Download PC Game

The protagonist of this adult visual novel is a disgraced former tennis champion. The former champion is hired by a mysterious businessman to coach his daughter Sofia. The tennis master is not too keen on this hire, but accepts for financial reasons. He will soon find himself involved in something bigger than himself, shady deals revolving around the businessman and his family.

The Tennis Master Download PC Game

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The Tennis Master is an interactive visual novel in which players take control of a former tennis champion. The game is full of scenes of a sexual character, which is unacceptable for underage users. Users are watching a storyline where the hero has to sign a contract to train a young athlete who is the daughter of a rich businessman. Players can influence the events taking place by choosing different answers in dialogues.

Tennis Masters is a sports game created by Madpuffers. In Tennis Masters, you can play competitive tennis matches against the computer or your real-life friends in the 2-player mode. With unlockables, a variety of characters, special power-ups and funny transformations, Tennis Masters offers a competitive sports experience like no other game can! Do you have what it takes to ace this game?

Perhaps it was the Christmas release, a time when we were all gorging ourselves on stuffed meat, slothfully sitting in front of Yule-tide shmultz on the box, while expanding sufficiently to wedge ourselves into our armchairs until well into the new year, without ever giving a passing thought to summer pastimes. Or perhaps it was the relative lack of popularity of tennis games on the PC. Whatever the reason, though, this superb Tennis sim has fallen from the grace of the full-price shelves and into the the depths of the bargain bucket in less than five months. Which is good for you if you don't already own it, as it's quite simply the most realistic PC tennis simulation to date. While it may lack the sheer entertainment value of Virtua Tennis], its spot on physics, superbly challenging Al and solid presentation make it a must buy for any sports fan. Sadly, there are no grass courts due to the restrictions of the Tennis Masters licence, but apart from this and the odd quirk, there's little to criticise. Quality sports games are a rarity, so just make sure you don't pass this one by before it disappears from the bargain bins too.

Here's an interesting one. Amid EA's inevitable winter releases of the latest versions of FIFA and NHL, Microids has decided to strike back with... a tennis game. Still you never know, it might work. On the one hand, it's a refreshing throw back to a more salubrious season, when over enthusiastic rich kids would queue overnight outside Wimbledon, before wiling away their skived-off-day, spending their hard earned inheritance on criminally overpriced strawberries and desperately hoping someone vaguely British would win a game. On the other hand, Tennis Masters Series is a superb simulation, with unparalleled realism and detail, which portrays the sport in an entertaining and easily accessible way. Something few other PC tennis games have managed to achieve.

If you're only going to buy one sport game this Christmas, make it this one. Unless you don't like tennis, in which case buy one of the other ones, obviously. It may not have the big brand name of EA's mammoth titles, but to its credit, it's not only entertaining, but hugely challenging to boot.

Although it's far from perfect (there are no grass courts due to the restrictions of the Tennis Masters Series licence), and while the multiplayer games aren't nearly as hysterically squit-in-your-pants entertaining as RGF02001's and 0T200GS, it's still the best PC tennis game to date, as its superb AI has managed to push it just ahead of its Cryo counterparts. But only just.

Play as the world's top players or create your own player to try and dominate the world rankings. Faster paced, with more animations and more realism: experience the true sensations of tennis, in singles or doubles games, and challenge your friends locally or online.

This 2002 PC tennis game builds upon the groundwork established in 2001's Tennis Masters Series. In addition to an ATP Tour license, the game includes a full Career Mode allowing players an opportunity to guide one of 67 athletes up the rankings ladder. Each game earns players experience points used to build speed, power, serve, and other attributes, with bonus points awarded for winning matches.

I was very excited when Sega released Virtua Tennis back in the day in the arcade and for the then soon-to-be-doomed Dreamcast. It was the first tennis game that really captured the fun and strategy of the game, plus it was loaded with so many extras and options that it had the same kind of bang for the buck of the usually more feature-rich sports games like basketball and football. So, with those fond memories in my mind, I had high hopes that Microids' Tennis Masters Series 2003 for the PC would hold similar appeal. I was wrong. Though fairly sharp graphically, Tennis Masters Series 2003 simply has too many shortcomings to demand much time on my PC.

Given the low level of challenge and the limited number of game modes, it's hard to believe that Tennis Masters Series 2003 is the answer to any PC tennis fan's dreams. Still, it is a pretty good-looking game and it does a decent job simulating the different aspects of the men's game, so at least it's better than Pong.

Tennis Clash is all about winning matches, collecting items, unlocking arenas, and upgrading stats. In other words, you need to keep playing and winning to progress in the game. So you need to make sure that you defeat your opponents if you want to climb the ranks. Furthermore, you can also collect resources by watching short ads or you can make a purchase using real-world currency. Take note that this multiplayer game uses real-life rules for a more realistic tennis match feel.

Intuitive controls that are easy to control but hard to masterWorldwide arenas with increasingly high stakesCollect and upgrade ten characters and 54 special items to improve gameplayEngage in fun and real-time matches with friends and familyJoin a club and meet thousands of players around the world

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