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Hilda Marchiori Personalidad Delincuente Pdf 43

Hilda Marchiori Personalidad Delincuente Pdf 43

Hilda Marchiori is a renowned Argentine psychologist and criminologist who has written several books and articles on the personality of the offender, the penitentiary treatment, and the victimology. One of her most influential works is Personalidad del Delincuente (The Personality of the Offender), published in 1975 by Porrúa. This book is a comprehensive study of the psychological, social, and biological factors that influence criminal behavior, as well as the methods and techniques for its evaluation and treatment.


The book is divided into four parts: the first one deals with the general concepts and theories of criminal psychology; the second one analyzes the different types of offenders according to their personality traits, motives, and modus operandi; the third one describes the psychological tests and instruments used to assess the offender's personality; and the fourth one discusses the principles and objectives of the penitentiary treatment and its application in different contexts.

The book has 98 pages and is available in PDF format. It is a valuable resource for students, researchers, and professionals interested in criminology, criminal psychology, and penology. It reflects the author's extensive experience and knowledge in the field, as well as her critical and humanistic approach to the study of crime and its prevention.

Hilda Marchiori was born in Córdoba, Argentina, in 1941. She obtained her degree and PhD in psychology from the National University of Córdoba. She worked as a technical professional at the Penitentiary Service of Córdoba Province, and as a professor of criminal behavior at the same university. In 1972, she moved to Mexico, where she specialized in criminology at the National Institute of Criminal Sciences. She worked as a criminologist at the Penitentiary Center of Toluca, Mexico, and as a professor of psychopathology, criminal psychology, and criminal psychopathology at various institutions. In 1983, she returned to Argentina, where she continued her academic and professional activities. She has published more than 20 books and numerous articles on criminology and related topics. She is considered one of the most prominent figures of Latin American psychology.


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