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Learn How To Control Your Mind (USE This To BrainWash Yourself) ((FULL))

Yes, it is about building a relationship of trust. If you want their help they have to trust you to represent yourself as an over achiever. Thanks for the post, it is a great reminder that mediocrity does not breed success!

Learn How To Control Your Mind (USE This To BrainWash Yourself)

The first step you need to take is to gain absolute clarity on what it is you want. Learn how to stop overthinking and focus on your goals. What is your desired outcome? What does unlocking an extraordinary life look like to you? Clarity is power. The more thought you put into this, the more detail you lay out, and the stronger and more powerful your vision will become. This creates a subconscious mind map, giving your brain the tools necessary to turn that vision into reality.

Commit to yourself. Commit to overcoming the negativity. Commit to a better life. When you commit fully, cutting off any other possibility, you will push yourself to the next level and demand more of yourself than anyone else could ever expect. And that is the true power of subconscious mind programming.

As you work on how to reprogram your mind, remember that proximity is power. Surround yourself with positive, supportive people. Seek out books, videos and music that lifts you up and empowers you. Over time, you will find that your subconscious mind is more positive and encouraging and that negative thoughts have greatly diminished.

When you are stuck in negativity, and feel yourself falling into dark thoughts, stop the cycle by naming it. Whether you whisper it, or say it out loud, naming it causes a separation in your subconscious mind. That is enough to break the cycle. When I was suffering from panic attacks, naming what was happening is what saved me. The negative force is strong but you can be stronger. Name it to stop the cycle.

During this stage, you begin to relax, focus your attention and ignore distractions. Your hypnotherapist will guide you through this stage with specific techniques such as controlled breathing (breathing in over a count of seven, then breathing out over a count of 11), or progressive muscle relaxation (tensing muscles as you breathe in and relaxing muscles as you breathe out, then repeating in a certain order of muscle groups throughout your body) or focusing on a visual image.

Everything that comes into our awareness "brainwashes" us. So why don't we try to control as much as we can that comes into our awareness so that it brainwashes us to think, feel and act the way we want to create the life we want? In this episode, I will teach you how to do that.

A basic value of the profession of psychology is promoting human freedom of responsible action, based on awareness of available behavioral options, and supporting an individual's rights to exercise them. Whatever we mean by "mind control" stands in opposition to this positive value orientation.

It seems to me that at the heart of the controversy over the existence of mind control is a bias toward believing in the power of people to resist the power of situational forces, a belief in individual will power and faith to overcome all evil adversity. It is Jesus modeling resistance against the temptations of Satan, and not the vulnerability of Adam and Eve to deception. More recently, examples abound that challenge this person-power misattribution.

Understanding the dynamics and pervasiveness of situational power is essential to learning how to resist it and to weaken the dominance of the many agents of mind control who ply their trade daily on all of us behind many faces and fronts.

I have been a victim of mind & body control since 2009 im now 60 yrs old and of sound mind and when im given the title of being crazy it offends me im going to tell you a couple of things that bothered me over the past 12yrs. I remember when i first noticed something was right making a long story short i contacted the police they came out i told them the things that was happening such as voices in my head that wasnt mine i will never forget they laughed and then handcuffed me and said you are not under arrest we are taking you to be check out. They took me to a mental ward where i stayed for 30 days. The next one will surprise you as it did me. I contact president Obama thru an email and told him what was happening the white house contacted mental dept of the gov and was sending some one to pick me up. A lady from washinton called me and told me some people were coming to pick me up and to answer my door again making a long story short after talking to me she said i can tell you are of a sound mind and stopped the order i look out my window and seen a van with two me in white lab coats i told her they were here she said dont worry they will be leaving and she was right they got in the van and left. I will never forget what she told me, she said you have to be careful about what you say and said you are one man going against the most powerful gov in the world, even if you know you are right. My brain is attack every nite about the same time for the past 11yrs. Im awaken by movements in my head going from one area to another until the sun had begin to rise. once they were gone i was left with a terrible headache and a very bad nose bleed. I could feel them going to different areas of my brain like a beam when my room was dark i notice every once in a while i could see flashes of light coming in to my bedroom coming thru my walls more like the roof of my home. I still see these flashes of lights red green yellow blue but it was the red and green attacking my brain. My body is in some one elses hand they can see every thing i see thru my eyes in real time they can hear every thing i hear in real time. No matter where i go they can see and hear every thing im under surveillance 24/7 if they dont like what im doing they start messing with my heart giving sharp pain like im having a heart attack early on i called 911 thinking i was i called so many times to where the hospital called the police they came to tell me if i called 911 again they would arrest me. Right now they are cramping my hands they are starting to claw up like a crab and its very painful. My handler has full control of my body and mind my kidney my nervous system my left hand has nerve damage and im left handed i can barely write or hold a glass. They did surgery my surgeon said he hadnt seen any thing like it in his 25 yrs. My family doctor of 12 yrs know me and believe me to the point he started sending me articles he came across and recently told me he had another patient that was experiencing the same things i was. They attack you in ways that looks like natural causes so most doctors are treating symptons in stead of the cause. I must end this the pain is getting so bad because they dont approve of me writing this. But before i go i have done yrs of research and came across an ex-cia and fbi youtube talking about how this is being done they called it BIO-DECODED DNA DIRECT ENERGY WEAPONS when we are born the first thing the doctor does is take a blood sample and its stored in some type of system controlled by the gov.They send your DNA to a super computer where its decoded in to a signal/freq broadcast out using satellite & electromagnetic just like a radio station until it find its receiver any where in the world. Then it piggy back the DNA the brain and nervous system while some perp 2000 miles a way has full control of your entire body. I have learned to fight them by remembering who i am and they cant take what i dont give them They might see what i do but i see what they are doing i know how its used to blackmail and make arrest from illegal surveillance using this unethical technology. I made my mind up long time ago i would tell my story no matter the cost. People are judging me of something they know nothing about, they are basing it on an opinion not even fact checking but from there beliefs Just because you dont think something could not exist doesnt make it so. Theres a lot of things you dont know but educate yourself before you judge or label as crazy

The first step in combating anxiety comprises of a different focus. Be aware of your thoughts. Think about what you are thinking about and do not let your thoughts control you anymore. Control your thoughts. To keep things in check, you can even start a diary if can. Implement a system of categorizing your thoughts. If one of those completely negative thoughts comes into your mind, catalog it and designate it as negative, one you should not be indulged in.

While doing this, bear in mind that conquering your thoughts is not just a game that can be played when you feel like it. It is a commitment for life, this means, once you start you cannot afford to stop.

In cases where anxiety has taken over to a serious level, like when you find yourself facing imaginary what-ifs and unrealistic worst case scenarios, depression is knocking and opting for depression therapy is truly a wise decision. "What if I get into an accident?" or "What if I lose everything, money, job, my house" or "What if I'm diagnosed with cancer someday?" - These are completely unsolvable unrealistic worries, and you must learn to avoid them.

The first step is to let your negativity go. It's time to focus on the affirmative. Take control of your mind and direct it toward the positive. You can start doing this by deliberately and frequently centering your thoughts on things that make you happy. Stop letting negatives limit your potential and drag you down.

One simple way to begin doing this is to scan for three daily positive things. Every day, make a list of three good things that happened to you and reflect on what caused them to happen. Focus on the little wins you have each day and use those to empower and motivate yourself.

Ask yourself what the opposite of the negative thought is. If you were to turn 180 degrees away from this antagonistic thinking, where would you find yourself? Focus on thinking about something from a positive perspective. Practice visualizing a more positive outcome. Then think about the steps you need to take to make that happen. 041b061a72


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