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Battlegrounds Mobile India Review: Is It Worth Playing the PUBG Mobile Alternative?

PUBG Battleground India: Everything You Need to Know

If you are a fan of battle royale games, you must have heard of PUBG Mobile, one of the most popular and successful games in the genre. But did you know that PUBG Mobile is back in India, with a new name and a new avatar? Yes, you heard it right. PUBG Mobile is now called PUBG Battleground India, and it is exclusively for players in India. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about PUBG Battleground India, including its history, features, challenges, and opportunities. So, let's get started.

What is PUBG Battleground India?

PUBG Battleground India is an online multiplayer battle royale game developed and published by Krafton, a South Korean company that owns the intellectual property rights of the PUBG franchise. It is a modified version of PUBG Mobile, which was banned in India in September 2020 due to data privacy and national security concerns. PUBG Battleground India is designed to comply with the Indian laws and regulations, and to cater to the preferences and needs of the Indian gamers.

pubg battleground india

A brief history of PUBG Mobile and its ban in India

PUBG Mobile was launched in 2018 as a mobile version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG), a PC game that popularized the battle royale genre. It was developed by Tencent Games, a Chinese company that partnered with Krafton to distribute the game globally. PUBG Mobile became an instant hit among gamers, especially in India, where it had over 175 million downloads and 50 million active users by 2020. However, in September 2020, the Indian government banned 118 Chinese apps, including PUBG Mobile, citing threats to the sovereignty and integrity of India. The ban was a huge blow to the Indian gaming community, as well as to Krafton and Tencent.

The differences between PUBG Mobile and PUBG Battleground India

After the ban, Krafton decided to sever ties with Tencent for the Indian market, and announced that it would launch a new version of PUBG Mobile exclusively for Indian players. The new version was named as PUBG Battleground India, and it was released on July 2, 2021 for Android devices, and on August 18, 2021 for iOS devices. However, PUBG Battleground India is not exactly the same as PUBG Mobile. There are some key differences between the two versions, such as:

  • PUBG Battleground India has exclusive in-game events and its own esports ecosystem with tournaments and leagues.

  • PUBG Battleground India has more restrictions on underage players, such as limiting their playtime to three hours per day, requiring parental consent for playing the game, and disabling blood effects and gore.

  • PUBG Battleground India has more localization features, such as Hindi voice packs, Indian outfits, Indian currency (INR), and Indian servers.

  • PUBG Battleground India has more privacy and security measures, such as storing user data within India, requiring verification through OTP or Aadhaar card, and banning VPNs and third-party apps.

</ How to download and play PUBG Battleground India

If you are eager to try out PUBG Battleground India, you will need to have an Android or iOS device that meets the minimum requirements of the game. You will also need a stable internet connection and enough storage space on your device. Here are the steps you can follow to download and play PUBG Battleground India:

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  • Go to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and search for BGMI or Battlegrounds Mobile India. Alternatively, you can use the links provided by Krafton on their official website or social media channels.

  • Tap on the install button and wait for the game to download. The game size is about 700 MB, but you will need additional data packs depending on your device and preferred graphics settings.

  • Once the game is installed, open it and accept the terms and conditions. You will also need to verify your age and give consent for data collection and storage.

  • Log in with your Facebook or Twitter account name and password. You can also restore your PUBG Mobile India account if you had one before the ban.

  • Choose your preferred language, graphics quality, and server region. You can also customize your controls, sensitivity, and other settings in the game menu.

  • Start playing by selecting a map and mode that suits you. You can play solo, duo, or squad matches with your friends or random players. You can also join in-game events and tournaments to win rewards and rank up.

PUBG Battleground India is a fun and exciting game that offers a variety of gameplay options and features. Whether you are a casual player or a competitive gamer, you will find something to enjoy in this game. So, what are you waiting for? Jump into the battlegrounds and show your skills! What are the features of PUBG Battleground India?

PUBG Battleground India is not just a rebranded version of PUBG Mobile. It also has some unique and exclusive features that make it stand out from other battle royale games. Some of these features are:

The maps and modes available in PUBG Battleground India

PUBG Battleground India offers a variety of maps and modes for players to choose from. Each map has its own terrain, weather, loot, and challenges. Each mode has its own rules, objectives, and gameplay. Here are some of the maps and modes that you can find in PUBG Battleground India:


Erangel is the classic and original map of PUBG Battleground India. It is an 8x8 km island with a mix of urban and rural areas. It has a temperate climate and a dynamic day and night cycle. Erangel is suitable for all kinds of players, as it offers different strategies and tactics. You can play Erangel in classic mode, arcade mode, or arena mode.


Miramar is a desert map with a size of 8x8 km. It has a hot and dry climate and a vast open landscape. Miramar is ideal for long-range combat and vehicle warfare, as it has many hills, mountains, and roads. You can also find some unique weapons and vehicles in Miramar, such as the Win94 rifle and the Mirado car.


Vikendi is a snow map with a size of 6x6 km. It has a cold and snowy climate and a beautiful winter scenery. Vikendi is perfect for stealth and ambush, as it has many forests, caves, and bridges. You can also use the snowmobile and the snowboard to traverse the map faster and have some fun.


Livik is the smallest map in PUBG Battleground India, with a size of 2x2 km. It has a Nordic theme and a diverse environment. Livik is designed for quick and intense matches, as it only supports 52 players and lasts for 15 minutes. You can also find some exclusive weapons and items in Livik, such as the P90 SMG and the Monster Truck.


Karakin is a rocky map with a size of 2x2 km. It has a harsh and arid climate and a destructible terrain. Karakin is made for explosive action, as it features the Sticky Bomb, the Panzerfaust, and the Demolition Zone. You can also use the secret tunnels and the bullet penetration system to surprise your enemies.


Sanhok is a jungle map with a size of 4x4 km. It has a tropical climate and a lush green landscape. Sanhok is great for close-quarters combat and survival, as it has many rivers, ruins, and temples. You can also encounter some special events and creatures in Sanhok, such as the Flare Gun, the Loot Truck, and the Runic Power.

Nusa (New)

Nusa is a new map that will be added to PUBG Battleground India soon. It is based on Indonesia and has a size of 8x8 km. It has a volcanic theme and a dynamic environment. Nusa will offer new gameplay elements and challenges, such as lava flows, ash


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