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Apple Ipad Mini To Buy

If you don't care about a keyboard case (even though there are some small ones that will work with it), this tinier iPad mini, while expensive, is still a great portable pick. Its newer design supports the Pencil 2, it has USB-C, and its processor is plenty fast enough. For note-taking, reading, games and movies, this is an enticing choice.

apple ipad mini to buy

We gave the iPad mini a review score of 89 when the device launched in late 2021, and we currently recommend it in our iPad buying guide. It's still the only truly compact iPad Apple sells, and for those who have smaller hands or just want a slate they can comfortably use with one hand, it's arguably the best tablet in its size range, period. It follows the same design language as most other iPads, with squared edges, a USB-C port, no Home button, a Touch ID sensor and a bright display. (Plus, no headphone jack, sadly.) Its A15 Bionic chip isn't as powerful as the laptop-grade M1 and M2 chips found in the iPad Air and iPad Pro, and it doesn't have a Smart Connector port for Apple-made keyboards, but it's more than fast enough for reading and streaming, and it does support the latest Apple Pencil.

If you only need an iPad for the basics and don't want to spend quite as money, though, note that the 10.2-inch iPad is also on sale for $250 at Best Buy. That also represents an all-time low. This model is a bit longer in the tooth in terms of design, with thicker bezels, a Lightning port and a lesser display than pricier iPads like the mini. For those who only use their tablet casually, though, it is by far the most wallet-friendly way into iPadOS.

I, myself, and other ZDNET writers like Jason Cirpirani have been testing and using tablets for years. The selection process for the best iPad consists of using the tablet, reading other reviews both from consumers and product reviewers, and then determining what should and shouldn't make the list.

It's easy to see the price difference between one of Amazon's Fire tablets and an iPad. However, you have to remember that Amazon designs and builds its tablets as entry-level tablets that do the bare minimum.

To put the current offers in perspective, the starting price of the most recent iPad mini is $499 / 569 / AU$829. That's gone up considerably from the original launch price in the UK and Australia after a recent price hike. However, we've seen it discounted by as much as $100 in the US and there's also been a whopping 130 price cut in the UK.

In terms of specs, this latest iPad mini sports an 8.3-inch screen, 12MP front and back cameras, and the new A15 Bionic chip that gives the tablet a massive performance upgrade. Effectively, it's more in line with what you would expect from an iPad Air, albeit in a much smaller form factor.

And now that the previous 2019 iPad mini is effectively discontinued, the 2021 version is generally the only one available today. The last-generation model isn't considerably cheaper when it's in stock, either, so we'd recommend buying the newer version anyway. It offers a huge performance upgrade for only a slightly higher price.

The 2021 iPad mini is the most recent model of the small-form Apple tablet. When looking at pure improvements over the 2019 version, the numbers really speak for themselves. Enough that we said it's the best small tablet money can buy in our iPad mini (2021) review.

Many consider it to be in line with the iPad Air but in a smaller form factor. Of course, all those upgrades come at a price. The 2021 iPad mini is priced at $499 / 569 / AU$829, so it's clearly an expensive bit of kit. We've spotted a few deals with a $100 / 130 discount, so anything around $399 / 459 or less is a good price.

Plus, the 2021 iPad mini is so much more powerful that it makes sense to pay the extra to get a superior device, especially when it can be the same price (or only slightly more expensive) when on sale.

The only time we'd suggest you go for the older iPad mini is if it is available for significantly less than the 2021 model, but those offers are likely rare nowadays given there is so little stock available.

If you like the idea of a tablet that's as powerful as an iPad Air but in a much smaller form factor then the iPad mini is a good buy. The latest version comes with significant performance upgrades that bring it in line with those more expensive iPad models but in a much more portable size.

For those who need a tablet for general use but want to stick with the Apple ecosystem, you're likely better off with the standard iPad 10.2 or more recent iPad 10.9. As well as a slightly larger display, it's also around $150 / 150 cheaper than the iPad mini, making it a much better value-for-money option.

The Fire HD 8 Kids Edition, out of the case, looks basic and feels cheap. It has a large bezel, chunky shape and size, rounded corners, and plastic casing. The iPad Mini also has a large bezel, but its size and shape is much more elegant and streamlined. And the aluminium back feels more luxurious.

The larger 12.9-inch model has a display that uses mini-LED technology and includes XDR (Apple's version of HDR), meaning it has much greater brightness and contrast compared to Apple's other tablets for HDR projects and content.

The iPad lineup is made up of four families: the iPad Pro, the iPad mini, the iPad Air and the iPad. But as you drill down to the individual models, you'll find plenty of variety in specs, features, and prices. Here's a quick breakdown.

Best For: Because of its relatively low price and generous screen size, the iPad is a great choice for media consumption, gaming, social media and some light productivity. Although the iPad mini 4 is a better size for small hands, many parents will prefer the iPad's lower price when choosing a slate for their kids. College students on a budget will also find this model appealing.

Best For: If you like to read on the couch, in bed, or on the go, the iPad mini is a great size for books, especially comic books. Its relatively small screen makes it easy to type quick social media posts or send off emails, during one-handed use or while standing up. The mini is the best size for kids, but parents may prefer to get the less-expensive iPad.

If you think bigger is better, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro is the best. Not only does it have the speedy M1 that the 11-inch iPad Pro offers, but its 2732 x 2048-pixel mini-LED edge-to-edge panel is the largest digital canvas that apple offers. But that size doesn't ruin its portability, as it's a mere 0.4 pounds heavier than the 11-inch iPad Pro and only slightly thicker at 0.25 inches compared to 0.23 inches.

When it comes to gadget debuts, it appears the iPad mini 3 got the short end of the stick. Not only was the tablet hardly mentioned during Apple's keynote last week, but we later found out that it was simply a rebadged version of its predecessor, albeit now with Touch ID and a new color scheme. Apple's craftiness, however, will benefit consumers because in addition to releasing the new iPad mini 3, Apple also announced it will continue to sell its first-generation iPad mini and iPad mini 2 at $249 and $299, respectively. This means consumers can expect to see iPad mini deals at various price points, a first for Apple's sidekick tablet which traditionally sees fewer deals than its larger counterpart.

The iPad mini and iPad mini Retina skipped over Black Friday 2012 and 2013, respectively. Instead, their first major discounts occurred post-holiday rush during the month of January. However, this year we expect to see an abundance of iPad mini deals with prices starting as low as $199.

As stated earlier, the iPad mini 2 and iPad mini 3 are virtually the same tablet. Though we still don't know how much RAM the new tablet has (the previous version has 1GB), overall performance shouldn't change much between both models. In terms of pricing, however, the iPad mini 2 and mini 3 are worlds apart, separated by $100. In terms of deals, pricing will also vary significantly as deals on the newer tablet won't come close to deals on the "older" model, so we recommend shoppers opt for the iPad mini 2, which again will offer the same performance at a lower price point.

So how low will the iPad mini 2 drop? Based on last year's data, it's likely retailers will once again chip away at Apple's new pricing, lowering the cost of a new iPad mini 2 by 16% to 20% for an effective price of $249. Expect to see deals on last year's tablet throughout November from retailers likeStaples. As an alternative, you may also see the iPad mini 2 sold at list price, but bundled with a $100 gift card, as Best Buy and Walmart did last year with the first-gen iPad mini. You may also be tempted to buy an Apple-refurbished iPad mini 2, but hours after the keynote, the Apple Store dropped these tablets to $249, which is about the same price of a new, factory-sealed model.

Finally, if you're dead set on getting your hands on an iPad mini 3, fear not, for there will be deals for you too. Already, MacMall has taken $5 off the cost of the new tablet and it's almost guaranteed that Apple will sell it for list price and with a $50 gift card as part of its Black Friday sale. But other retailers will offer better bargains; it's the third year Apple has released a mini, so deals are more likely to surface.

By flooding the market with three iPad minis (two of which now boast lower prices), Apple has declared open season on its entry-level tablets. For maximum savings, consumers can't go wrong with the first-generation iPad mini, while heavy tablet users will get the most value from the iPad mini 2, which will cost significantly less than the newer model.

The iPad mini (2021) gains a larger 8.3-inch Liquid Retina display and eliminates the home button found in its predecessor. Like its larger sibling, the iPad Air, it skips Face ID in favor of a Touch ID sensor in the side button. The Lightning connector has been replaced with USB-C for charging, and a full charge should last around 10 hours. 041b061a72


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