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Watch Diamond No Ace: Second Season Episode 23 ...

Top of the fifth, one out, runners on second and third, Haruichi aggressively hit the first pitch. Meanwhile on a different stadium, Rei watch the game between Ichidai and Jitsusen. Back to Seidou's game, the bottom of the fifth comes along and Kawakami puts it away for Seidou. At the lineup, Sawamura is surprised to see the Maimon players cry. He is congratulated by one of Maimon's players then realizes that their team also aimed for Koshien. He shouts to the Maimon's players that he'll do his best and play for them as well.

Watch Diamond no Ace: Second Season Episode 23 ...

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A second season started airing soon after on April 6, 2015 on TX Network stations and later on AT-X. Like its predecessor the episodes were simulcast in the aforementioned countries by Crunchyroll with English and German subtitles.[4] 041b061a72


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