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We Buy Furniture For Cash San Diego |TOP|

On, first complete the Buy Back & Resell form. This form will ask you questions about the condition of the IKEA furniture you would like to sell back. You need an IKEA Family member account number to complete the form. Once you complete the Buy Back & Resell form, you will receive an email with your quote. Please bring a copy of your quote and your fully assembled furniture to your participating IKEA, entering through Returns & Exchanges. To learn more about the IKEA Family program or to sign up for free, visit

we buy furniture for cash san diego

You will need to fill out the online form and receive a quote in order to sell back your product prior to coming in store for the sell-back. You can only bring your sell-back furniture to a participating IKEA store.

The Buy Back & Resell service is available for personally-used IKEA furniture only. The furniture must be fully assembled and fully functional. IKEA cannot accept any products that have been hacked, modified or altered in any way.

The Buy Back & Resell service is available for personally-used IKEA furniture only. The furniture must be fully assembled and fully functional. IKEA cannot accept any products that have been hacked, modified or altered in any way. At this time, we are currently only accepting products listed on the Buy Back & Resell form.

Our dad, Gordon Tucker, moved to El Cajon at the age of 5. He graduated from Grossmont High School in 1941, worked in plane assembly at Consolidated Aircraft and served in the Navy during the last couple of years of World War II. He then opened a secondhand furniture and appliance store - Valley Furniture - on the northeast corner of Main and Mollison in a building also owned by our grandfather Jesse.

See the photo of the store when it first opened. His first sale was a used trunk on January 20th, 1947. Initially our dad sold items that he purchased from the Los Angeles swap meet and refurbished, and he made his own deliveries. As time went on, Valley Furniture specialized in Early American and Maple furniture, then oak and other solid hardwood furniture.

The Riggle family built what is now the section of Cash and Carry that fronts on Main Street. Small businesses were in the side-by-side buildings; some were Riggle-family operated, while other businesses rented the remaining spaces. In the 1960s, our father decided to open another store for used furniture and less expensive new furniture. When a couple of the contiguous businesses closed on Main Street, he opened a store where people could pay cash for furniture and take it home with them that day - hence the name, Cash and Carry. Eventually, Cash and Carry occupied the entire space. In the family spirit, one space was set aside for his retired father, Reggie Tucker, to sell used furniture and share his British humor with customers and passers-by.

Although the ownership and furniture styles have changed since the initial opening in 1947, and our stores stopped selling used furniture many years ago, we remain focused on staying true to our father's legacy. He founded the stores on the values of customer service, fair prices and integrity. To this we have added many options for customization. The diverse community in the area and throughout the county still deserves a furniture vendor they can trust and afford. We love fulfilling that role!

Both the Cash and Carry and Valley Furniture sales teams exemplify our core values in every single business transaction. The staff is trained to focus on you, the customer, and is committed to helping you find the best value for your hard-earned dollars. Gone are the days when payment options were limited to cash, lay-away and credit cards. We offer all forms of payment to make sure there are no barriers between you and your dream look!

Because of our outstanding reputation and our long history, we are proud today to serve multiple generations of customers. In addition to our core values, we offer many other perks for your furniture buying experience in El Cajon CA. Most of our team is bilingual in Spanish or Arabic, which makes finding and purchasing furniture with us a smooth and seamless process for many San Diego County residents. We now offer in-store interior design service with a qualifying purchase. We offer a commercial division for designers, stagers, furnished housing and retirement home businesses, and even fire departments. Our delivery team and our skilled Service Department serve our customers anywhere in San Diego County, and our excellent customer service continues to earn the trust of our customers. We offer rich financing options for qualified credit and are proud to offer a one-year, in-home service on all our furniture products that we deliver to your home. We have a 24-hour phone line available for reporting repair needs.

In the Fall of 2019, our family's original store, Tucker's Valley Furniture, relocated to our Cash and Carry building to serve you better in one convenient location with plenty of parking. Tucker's Valley furniture continues to provide the wide range of quality furniture and services affordable for every budget that you have enjoyed at both stores since their founding. Experience the Tucker Difference - now exclusively located at 850 E. Main Street in El Cajon.

Any furniture that can be carried by no more than two people, including couches, love seats, armchairs, chairs, dining room sets, tables, coffee tables, mirrors, nightstands, headboards, office chairs, non-wooden desks, dressers and more. See restrictions below.

FURNITURE: Any furniture that can be carried by no more than two people, including couches, love seats, armchairs, chairs, dining room sets, tables, coffee tables, mirrors, nightstands, headboards, office chairs, non-wooden desks, dressers, entertainment centers and more. All items must be gently used or in new condition. We cannot except things that are torn, stained or broken. See additional restrictions below.

We value the health and safety of our staff. To protect the wellbeing of our truck drivers and store employees, our policy is that we cannot accept anything that cannot be carried safely by two people. This means we are unable to accept big items like beds, pianos, pool tables, conference tables, etc. Additionally, for their safety, drivers cannot move furniture items up or down stairs once they enter the residence. All items must be on the entry level of the residence for pickup.

Renting a POD can be a good option if you have room for the unit on your property. Consider loading larger items like furniture into the unit to make more room in the house to sort through items. Portable storage units come in the following sizes:

Find out below whether San Diego allows your mattress or furniture to be disposed of along with your regular trash on normal pickup days, whether you have to call Waste Management to order a special pickup (which may include a fee), or whether you can drop your old stuff off at your local landfill (which may also include a fee). We hope this makes furniture removal in San Diego a lot less confusing.

No, services that provide pick up service for furniture recycling near San Diego have an additional charge. The amount will vary depending on how many unwanted furniture you wish to recycle and weight of those items.

The San Diego Sanitation Department does not do free bulky item pickup of large furniture such as couches, dressers, dining tables, chairs, bed frames, and other furnishings.There is an additional charge for large furniture or bulky item pickup in San Diego.

When determining the cost of your own furniture in San Diego, it can be challenging to remain impartial. To determine a fair price for any furnishings your buyer is interested in buying, retrieve your original receipt and gather important information. You should also get an idea of how well your furniture has held up. You must add value for the quality materials, brand name, modern style, and condition while subtract the value if there are tears, scratches, dings, obvious indications of use, and depreciation on your furniture. After following the aforementioned advice, you can determine your price, but be prepared to bargain.

You can visit our furniture stores in Los Angeles County. We offer local delivery of new furniture to all Cities in Los Angeles County, southern-california County, Riverside County, San Diego, Ventura and San Bernardino.

Disposing your old furniture is a common problem to many people, especially those who plan on moving or for those people who wish to refurbish their house to have a better environment. Nevertheless, you can get rid of them in a variety of ways including:

? Limited Coverage: Opendoor offers cash for houses only in 51 markets, and some of the top markets are Boston, Albuquerque, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Birmingham, Modesto & Stockton, Galveston, Miami, San Francisco, San Jose, etc.

? You Should Know: We Buy Houses is a pre-vetted real estate investor network and operates on a franchise model. Some franchisee offices may use controversial tactics to close the cash transaction.

Socal provides a hassle-free option of selling your house through a cash buyer other than waiting months to find a buyer in San Diego County. They are real estate investors who help the buyer with the required freedom to sell and close on your terms. 041b061a72


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