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How To Make Pudding.7z

Baghdad was looted by the same Iraqis who believed they could make quick money raiding their own museums. That what dictatorship reduce people to. Compare that to Egyptians who protected their own museum, and Ukrainians who protected their own monuments to avoid bomb damages as much as they can.

How to make Pudding.7z

To reiterate my other post here; you don't hold the people responsible for the actions of their leaders. I'll add to that the tired cliché, "two wrongs don't make a right", and the more current equivalent, "fuck off with your whataboutery".

Putin is emhatically NOT a master of propaganda. He and his propagandists are making stupid errors that no one good at propaganda would make. But because he is a dictator, he does have full control over Russia's media, so the only news most Russians encounter is what Putin wants them to hear, and like it or not, that's going to at least temporarily convince some who are subjected to it on a daily basis that there must be at least a core of truth to it.

Its a shame we brexited, otherwise we could put forward an EU directive to make all software state that the language is Murican unless the "English" is the Britsh flavour. In fact if software was mandated to have both, it might teach left-pondians how to spell.

Which makes a certain amount of sense, given that many of the excess letter spellings he objected to are thought to have been introduced by scribes copying documents who were either being paid by the letter or (more likely) just thought that a few 'u's around the place made it look more French and upmarket.

Nonetheless, I find I prefer English orthography to North American. It can make learning German more difficult than it needs to be when one has to continually translate between English and North American to keep Duolingo's bloody owl happy.

When giorgiotani says his software is only 12MB, it makes you realise why people hate Flatpack and all the other non-rpm or deb formats so much. Yes they sometimes have a use, but 95% of the time, deb or rpm can be used and it will run on virtually all flavours of linux which use the appropriate packagers.

funny, I didn't think 7 zip was supported by the Russian government, and the code is there for everyone to see. Which is fortunate, because I was updating a program to make better use of it via the API so it could handle any type of file that 7-zip could. And honestly the documentation is not ideal, and queries to the mailing list seems to only have resulted in "it's in the documentation". Which 'it' wasn't and I had to look at the source code to work out how to use it.

When I make source available for other people, I go out of my way to make it as easy as possible to build, aiming to get it down to a single file to double-click/run/execute/etc. I really hate it when I pick up some source from somewhere and I have to spend several days just getting it into a state when I can get it to build.

They both intend for smaller binaries. So, I can understand why the author doesn't like "/GS", "/DYNAMICBASE" and the compiler flags which can make binary expansion. Also, they both care about old Windows compatibility. So, I can understand why the author don't do some modernization work.

It is rare that a technology or product is inherently sustaining or disruptive. And when new technology is developed, disruption theory does not dictate what managers should do. Instead it helps them make a strategic choice between taking a sustaining path and taking a disruptive one.

But there is cause for hope: Empirical tests show that using disruptive theory makes us measurably and significantly more accurate in our predictions of which fledgling businesses will succeed. As an ever-growing community of researchers and practitioners continues to build on disruption theory and integrate it with other perspectives, we will come to an even better understanding of what helps firms innovate successfully. 041b061a72


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