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Uganda Safaris Tours - Discover the Pearl of Africa; today Uganda Safaris and Tours have opened a new Africa Safaris chapter in world tourism and Uganda, the undiscovered pearl of the African Continent, pure and unaffected by mass tourism; is a favorite hot spot of tourist destinations for Gorilla trekking / Gorilla tourism, safari holidays, wildlife tours, cultural tours, walking & nature safaris, vacation holidays for adventure and Luxury travel packages.


We design our Uganda safari packages to suit travelers of all types and age groups as we pay attention to time, safety, budget constraints. We are flexible enough to incorporate last minute changes. We handle private tours, student tours & research groups, small group tours and large group departures of up to 100 pax. We are committed to responsible tourism for sustainable development and we try to achieve this through use of fuel efficient and well maintained vehicles, use of eco-friendly safari lodges and camps and support of conservation organisations like Uganda gorilla trekking safaris and chimpanzee tracking tours are the prime attractions for a Uganda safari and dominantly make up most of our Uganda safari packages. These are offered on typical 3 day safari tours and extended holidays including game viewing of different wildlife like African elephants, giraffes, climbing lions and leopards, wild buffaloes, antelopes of different types. Our safari parks and Uganda game reserves are places that one must not miss visiting during a safari in Uganda. For personalized care and attention, smaller groups are ideal for mountain gorillas and wildlife safaris, gorilla trekking and other safari holidays.Our strength in organizing memorable Uganda safaris tours like gorilla safaris in Uganda lies in our local knowledge of the areas we operate, professionalism, and years of experience in the tourism industry. We excel at organizing custom / tailor made safaris and Rwanda tours as we work around your needs to come up with the best tailored safari package and holiday trips that fit your time and budget. Apart from our regular safari circuits, we have also introduced walking safaris that can be done as independent activities or combined with other adventures to create a more rewarding experience. Walking safaris in Uganda can be done in lake Mburo national park and Nkuringo in Bwindi impenetrable forest. Horseback safaris are also on offer for those visiting Mburo! The Batwa experience in Bwindi - Buhoma and the Batwa cultural trail in Mgahinga offer great opportunities for a walking safari and cultural experience.At Achieve Global Safaris, it is our passion and pleasure to show you the delights of our land and will help you experience Africa through the eyes of a local. From organizing gorilla tours in Uganda, Chimpanzee tracking, birding tours and cultural tours in Rwanda to magical wildlife safaris in Kenya and budget holidays in Tanzania, you will find a uniquely affordable experience that only we can provide. From the moment you board your flight to Entebbe, your guide will be ready and everything will be taken care of; Gorilla & Chimpanzee permits will be booked, accommodation and all activities so you will just lie back and enjoy a thrilling journey! Let us guide you to a great journey of discovery in East Africa. The above Uganda tours packages featuring Gorilla safaris in Bwindi, chimpanzee tracking in Kibale forest, game viewing & boat cruises in safari parks, cultural tours, bird watching and adventures like rafting, forest walks among other Uganda tourism activities are for your inspiration.

We organize safaris to top African Safari destinations designed in a manner that is customer-friendly. These safaris include; gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda, gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda, Chimpanzee trekking Uganda safari, African cultural tours, and Bird watching tours /Safaris, to mention but a few.

Exclusive primate safaris in Uganda like gorilla trekking and chimpanzee tracking vacations are done in tropical rain forests which are seemingly rainy almost all the time throughout the year, while the dry Savannah national parks attract a wide range of safari activities such as game drives, scenery viewing, birding trips and many others.

Other safaris in Uganda range from visiting interesting cultural and traditional sites, historical monuments, and religious sites. Uganda is additionally an ideal destination for cultural safaris and tours because of the abundant tribes whose culture and traditions differ.

Uganda is a destination ripe with adventure-from gorilla trekking in Bwindi Forest National Park; watching Golden Monkeys jump from branch to branch in the Mgahinga Gorilla National Park; to viewing stunning cascades at Sipi Falls or Murchinson Falls. The tour company, Gorilla Safari Consultants is a great way to experience a range of safaris in Uganda, from primate trekking; chimpanzee tracking; to birdwatching endemic species. Here are 7 of the best places to safari in Uganda:

With the river Nile flowing through its grounds and crocodiles and hippos lining its banks, Murchison Falls National Park is undoubtedly one of the top Uganda safaris in terms of both wildlife and landscape.

Offering land and water safaris, the big drawcards here are the mammals, including Rothschild giraffe, buffalo and elephants, which you can spot (and snap) infront of the stunning Victoria Nile cascades and falls.

The experiences in Uganda can be enjoyed in a variety of safari styles depending on how you prefer to travel and more specifically, your budget. Offering the ultimate in flexibility, our tailor-made Uganda safaris are completely personalised for you, whereas our small group safaris are more suited to those on a smaller budget or who wish to travel with like-minded individuals on a fixed departure and itinerary. Many of our experiences combine brilliantly with Rwanda or Tanzania, so once you have looked at the below selection, please contact us and we can blend the right safari itinerary for you. Unless stated as a small group safari, the below safaris are examples only, please contact us to design your very own personalised Uganda safari.We have outlined below some of our most popular safaris based on our expertise of the local environment and lodges. these are however just a taster of what we can arrange and all can be adapted as per your specific requirements.

We are Experience Africa Safaris, a local tour operator offering unique tours in Uganda and the East African Region. For over 10 years we have been offering the finest in-depth safaris in Uganda, the Pearl of Africa! Our trips range from day trips to 3 weeks plus vacations covering Uganda and beyond.

Choose from our comprehensive selection of safaris that offer amazing ways to explore Uganda following the unbeaten path! Choose from day tours, 2-4 Days mini safaris and longer multi-adventure based trips. Go gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park or Mgahinga National Park. Hike into the vast forests of Kibale, Budongo, Kaniyo Pabidi, Kyambura and more looking for chimpanzees, enjoy game viewing in the natural parks, or camp out in the wild surrounded by incredible wildlife.

We offer you unbeatable prices and unparalleled value on all Uganda safaris and tours. We offer a wide range of tours with the best trip itineraries that you will not find elsewhere! Once you have found the discounted Uganda safari of your choice, please contact our tour consultants to book your safari and save money with our first-rate personalized service!

Let us take you on an unforgettable safari into Uganda, a country Sir Winston Churchill named the Pearl of Africa in 1903 after his safari through Africa. Experience the beautifully untamed wilderness, natural streams, wetlands and dense tropical rain forests. Choose from our Uganda safaris or get in touch for a custom safari created for free by our expert staff. Read More

Uganda safaris have enviably been transformed into some of the most appealing attractions in East and central Africa. Inconveniences like poor roads both within and outside national parks that used to hinder travellers from enjoying maximum experiences in the Pearl of Africa are no more. Tourism infrastructure has significantly been developed to cater for tourists and promote conservation at the same time. There are tarmac routes leading to major national parks while the trails in the parks themselves have been greatly improved. There has also been a massive investment in accommodation facilities like lodges and hotels around national parks to ensure that visitors enjoy a comfortable stay while in the country. Flying safaris including chartered air crafts have been put in place to enable visitors access distant destinations such as Kidepo Valley National Park in northeastern Uganda Conservation efforts have enhanced wildlife to a great extent. For instance the poacher who killed a gorilla in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in 2020 was sentenced to 11 years in prison.

Other super cool Uganda safari tours & holidays destinations for boat safaris include, Lake Mburo, Lake Mutanda and the source of the Nile among others. A typical Uganda safari vacations boat cruise takes about two hours on a round trip following the water course as you enjoy sights of water life like hippos, flamingoes, Egrets and monitor Lizards and other animals.

Take on the immense rapids of the Nile inside a Kayak on a safari tour in Uganda with Ameera Africa safaris for an experience you will be telling your friends about. The experience is quite safe as you will have a life jacket on and a helmet to protect your head in case you fall out of the Kayak. Be sure to carry a good camera and enough battery to take all the pictures that you will want to keep. 041b061a72


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