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A workhorse for both recreation and roadside emergencies: The Powerpack Pro 1300 recharges engines up to 8 cylinders with 1300 peak Amps of starting current. Its 18Ah rechargeable battery serves as a stand-alone power source, getting you back on the road without the need for another car.


The Powerpack also operates a variety of tools and electronics (up to 600 combined Watts) through its dual AC outlets and two 2.4A USB ports. An integrated air compressor also supplies up to 100 PSI to inflate tires and sports equipment.

Write a Reviewaverage rating4.8out of 5Based on 9 reviews5 Stars7 Reviews4 Stars2 Reviews3 Stars0 Reviews2 Stars0 Reviews1 Star0 Reviews100%of reviewers would recommend this product to a friendFilters9 ReviewsSort byMost RecentOldestPhotos & VideosHighest RatingLowest RatingMost HelpfulLeast HelpfulSWSteven W.Reviewed by Steven W.Verified BuyerI recommend this productRated 5 out of 5Review postedVery underrated productI've used the Powerpack Pro 1100 for the last year as emergency backup when I go into the field. I found the versatility and utility excellent as I could charge electronics, run game systems or movies on camping/road trips, fill car and bike tires during routine maintenance, and jump V6 and smaller vehicles with ease. I see people spending 2-3x as much for "Survival" or "Overland" products that can't do half of what this does from a trusted brand. The unit is small enough to mount under or behind a seat or console in larger SUVs/Minivans.

We have an old V8 Land Rover. When it sits, the battery drains down and it's very hard to start. The Powerpack fires it right up with gusto! A nice design touch is that there is a compartment for the charging cord. Loosing the charger for anything, but especially an emergency jump pack, can be a real nightmare.

The Thermic C-Pack 1300 with Bluetooth and Heated 3D insoles is one of the best ways to warm your feet. Use the Therm-ic app to operate your battery boot heaters in your ski boots, snowboard boots, outdoor boots, shoes, and other types of footwear. The C-Pack 1300 battery pack has three manual power settings you operate with the touch of one button to determine the amount of heat you need or use the Therm-ic app which offers 10 heat setting levels. Either way, you won't have cold toes.

Each residence hall has a mailroom where students may receive letters and packages. You should receive either a key or a combination to your assigned mailbox during check-in. Larger packages are delivered and can be picked up at each residence hall's front office. It is important that the room or apartment number is included on all letters and packages.

No. However, on Main Campus, there is a UPS store in the lower level of the Student Center to buy stamps and send UPS, DHL, and USPS mail and packages. The UPS Store offers mailing supplies and accepts credit cards and Diamond Dollars.

We suggest that you notify your family, friends, bank, magazine subscriptions, etc., of your new address before you move in. Mail and packages are not accepted at any residence hall prior to move-in. 041b061a72


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