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The train journey to spring training in Fayetteville, North Carolina, in early March was likely Ruth's first outside the Baltimore area.[23] The rookie ballplayer was the subject of various pranks by the veterans, who were probably also the source of his famous nickname. There are various accounts of how Ruth came to be called "Babe", but most center on his being referred to as "Dunnie's babe" or a variant. SportsCentury reported that his nickname was gained because he was the new "darling" or "project" of Dunn, not only because of Ruth's raw talent, but also because of his lack of knowledge of the proper etiquette of eating out in a restaurant, being in a hotel, or being on a train. "Babe" was, at that time, a common nickname in baseball, with perhaps the most famous to that point being Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher and 1909 World Series hero Babe Adams, who appeared younger than his actual age.[9][24][25]

teens more teens babe

But for many of today's teens there's a new price to pay for the freedom that comes with a driver's license. In the case of Denver-area teen Sam Minick, the price was a hefty dose of embarrassment: Soon after getting his license, Sam racked up two speeding tickets and a fender-bender.

Sam protested. But Mom insisted: Keep the signs up or hand over the keys. But at least there's company for Sam's misery: Across the nation, moms, state legislators, and even entrepreneurs are leading a revolution to keep teens - statistically the most dangerous group on the road - from driving recklessly. The efforts are already showing early good effects.

Already 35 states have passed these laws in just the past several years. They impose a new regime of rules on the licensing process - and are putting an end to the days when teens walked into the DMV on their 16th birthday and got a freshly minted, full-fledged license.

In fact, teens might think these new rules take a lot of the fun out of getting a license. Some states require teens with learner's permits to have up to 50 hours of practice driving with - of all people - a parent or adult over 21.

Some ban carrying passengers under age 21, for the first six months, some ban driving at night. (The definition of "night" varies from state to state. South Carolina, for example, blocks teens from driving from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m., while California prevents them from driving between midnight and 5 a.m.)

These numbers are changing in states with graduated driver licensing. A recent study of Florida teens by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found a 9 percent decline in crashes among 15- to 17-year-olds during the first year the program was in effect.

Unlike Sam's experience, the responses to the bumper stickers haven't been all bad. In fact, there have been five times as many people calling in with compliments - such as for teens who pulled over to help stranded motorists - as with complaints. Deatz says he can screen pretty well for fake calls, such as teens calling for their friends.

Another potential aid in helping teens drive more safely is a tracking device made by the New Milford, Pa.-based firm EASE Diagnostics. It's like an airplane's black box for the car. It records data such as speed and time of use. So if Junior was doing 90 m.p.h. at 3 a.m., parents will know. About 100 parents have bought the $300 devices.

I happen to be a Teen Services Librarian in a public library, and I know for a fact that hundreds of books about sex have been published for teens in the past couple of decades. With AIDS and STDs it would be criminal not to have these books available. In fact, there are so many non-abstinence sex-ed books out there that the Library Of Congress has created a Subject Heading entitled: "Sex Instruction For Teenagers." Let me name a few of these books for you, all published in the last 5 or so years, since neither you nor Dr. Libby bothered to do any research: "Sex, Puberty and All That Stuff by Jacqui Bailey," "Like it is: a Teen Sex Guide by James Lieberman," and "Making Sexual Decisions: the Ultimate Teen Guide by Kris Gowen." Of course there are many more, these are just a few that happen to be on the shelves in my library.

Established by the City Council in 1994, the teen council was designed to offer a leadership experience for teens who acted as liaisons to governmental and private organizations. Members serve 1-year terms.

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