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Episode 08: Darkroom

Darkroom is an American thriller anthology television series produced by Universal Television[1] that aired on ABC from November 27, 1981, to July 8, 1982.[2] Each 60-minute episode featured two or more stories of varying length with a new story and a new cast, but each of the episode wraparound segments was hosted by James Coburn. Among the performers who appeared on the series were Esther Rolle, Helen Hunt, Claude Akins, Richard Anderson, Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs, Carole Cook, David Carradine, Billy Crystal, Pat Buttram, Brian Dennehy, Lawrence Pressman, Dub Taylor, Rue McClanahan, Lloyd Bochner, Ronny Cox, R. G. Armstrong, Jack Carter, and June Lockhart.

Episode 08: Darkroom

The title sequence featured a dolly-in through the corridors of a house to a safe-lighted darkroom in a crawlspace under the stairs. James Coburn's voice could be heard over this dolly-in, narrating it as follows:

The Sci Fi Channel aired the show in the mid-1990s, including the pilot episode. USA Network also reran the show at one point in the 1980s. It was also available for streaming on NBC's official website.[4]

Outside, Max sees yet another strange weather phenomenon: two moons. Halfway on the courtyard, they meet a drunk Warren, who insists on taking a selfie with Max. Inside, Chloe gets lost in the crowd while Max tries to find her. Meanwhile, she starts interrogating people for the whereabouts of Nathan. She finds Victoria Chase, where Max is presented with the option to warn her about the dark room or to not warn her. Depending on the choices made by the player in the previous episodes, she may or may not believe the warning.

The ease of this task will depend on the player's decision during Chloe and David's argument in the previous episode, as well as the player's attentiveness in the garage during Episode 3. If the player sided with David, he will be working at the workbench as Max sneaks around him. In order to retrieve his files, the player must either remember the padlock's code for the previously inaccessible locker or mess with the fuse box in order to distract David and steal his keys. If the player sided with Chloe, he leaves the house before you begin the search. In order to access his files, the player must either remember the padlock's code or use the crowbar located on the workbench. The padlock's code is 7171.

Have an explore and look at the investigation so far (), and then talk to Chloe. You now have to go and look through her step-dad's stuff for more evidence (if he got kicked out in the last episode then this is easier).

If you stopped the bird flying into the window and dying in episode 1 then there will be a bird flying around on the landing. You can choose to save it by opening the window on the landing () to let it out. (Minor decision #1)

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Last time in Sonic's World, Lyra wonders about her own past since she got to see what Shadow's past feels like. Until then, Tails has discovered something that was from Lyra's past, bones of her long lost uncle Jack Lynx. Lyra, Tails, and Professor Perry were astonished that Lyra's uncle's bones were sitting in the back yard of the Freedom Fighters Hut. Lyra thought she can bring him back to life with Chaos Regenerate, as the process was done, one thing went wrong. Jack grabbed Lyra's hand viciously, and starts to turn evil. The freedom fighters has a new enemy that Lyra never faced before. Lyra's mother came into Lyra's mind and telepathy saying there is a way to stop Jack, who is now Darkroom, by imprisoning him using Aurora Imprisonment. Far away, Lyra and Darkroom made very painful fight where Lyra was smacked across and her heart stopped. Using Tail's Defibrillator, he sets it on 200 through 245 voltage, but no use, just then Amy can't take it anymore as Amy's hammer whacked Lyra's chest along with the defibrillators, in pain, Sonic hold Lyra as like he wants her to hold still. In a beam of light, Lyra and Sonic beamed Darkroom with an Electrical Shock and paralized Darkroom as Lyra prepared her mother's imprisonment. I know, right? Anyways, this episode has parts, This is Part 1.

Here's the full release schedule for The Last of Us on HBO Max. We'll adjust this if the company announces any changes or breaks. New episodes will arrive at 6 p.m. PT (9 p.m. ET), which you might remember as the time slot occupied by House of the Dragon last year.

Welcome to Darkroom, where we explore the big questions about God, religion, and faith. Go online to for access to our free 14-episode video drama series and more free resources that help you dig deeper into your faith.

The episode opens with Lalo (Tony Dalton) emerging from a manhole cover in the ground of a darkened street in New Mexico. Walking over to a car, he opens the trunk to retrieve a change of shoes and drives himself to a nearby rest area where he grabs a shower. Returning to the parked car, he pulls a timer from the glove box which he sets. When it rings, he returns to the spot near the manhole cover, parking on the street and re-entering the sewers.

Dashing off to the darkroom, photos are developed and Kim and Jimmy add some drops to a few of the sheets, refusing to tell the camera guy what they are before packaging them up in envelopes. The biggest shock is when Jimmy hands over the envelopes to none other than the private investigator that Howard hired.

This is something that's been clear since The Last of Us episode 1, when 2023 Joel is clearly shown to be a person not to be crossed. As the show's progressed we've had more references to his actions since the cordyceps outbreak, with Joel making it clear to Ellie (Bella Ramsey) that he and Tommy (Gabriel Luna) used to be part of a fairly violent group that didn't mind killing people if they needed to. Although Joel has always been tough and violent, though, we've never really seen the full extent of his ruthless side before.

In The Last of Us' most recent instalment, a kidnapped Ellie brings Joel's inner monster quickly to the surface. But there's one key scene, and one moment in particular that throws back to episode 6, which really highlights this. Let's break it down.

Joel starts off the episode in a barely conscious state, suffering from the stab wound he received by an assailant at the University of Eastern Colorado in episode 6. After Ellie goes out hunting and meets David (Scott Shepherd), she manages to get some penicillin to stave off the infection he's incurred. The bad news? The man who attacked Joel and who he killed was part of David's group, and they're hungry for revenge.

If you felt a bit of déjà vu when Joel asks the man to point at the map, it's because he's done it before. Back at the start of episode 6, when Joel and Ellie stumble across that older couple living in a secluded wooden cabin in the forest, Joel pulls the exact same trick.

The contrast between this scene and the one in episode 8 couldn't be greater. In episode 6 the "interrogation" is a bit of light relief, with the elderly couple almost laughing off Joel's attempts to be intimidating and everything ending amicably enough. It almost gives us the impression that Joel's ruthless past is behind him.

The episode opens with a flashback to the Lake View area of Chicago in 1848. We see the old man who Harper and Leo found living in The House (back in episode 6) working outside with a large group of people in the woods. He looks a bit younger and considerably less haggard than the last time we saw him.

And all of the stories about the civil war photographers talk about how, when they took their battlefield photos, off on the side of the battlefield would be their darkroom wagon, parked, ready for them to dash into in order to develop the image.

She designed it so she could slip it over her head, down to her waist, and then in total darkness be able to apply the developer solution to stabilize the exposed image, so that she could then take it back to her darkroom for final processing.

This episode is the most memorable one to me. I have a vague recollection of the others though. I remember waiting for this show to come on back then, I was about 10 at the time. Surprises me how scary I thought this was at that age. Check Youtube now, someone has gone and uploaded all of the episodes there. I've been looking for this series online forever, it's never left my mind since it aired. I have some other memories of anthology shows I saw during that era, that I had always assumed were on Darkroom as they weren't on some of the more popular series which are similar, but apparently they were not. 041b061a72


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