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Where To Buy Plastic Bags For Mattresses ((NEW))

NOTE: Effective February 1, 2019, for the health and safety of staff, Prince George's County residents requesting curbside collection of bulky items will be required to completely cover mattresses and box springs in a protective plastic covering. Plastic zippered mattress covers are available at many local retail stores for a nominal fee.

where to buy plastic bags for mattresses

SINGLE STREAM RECYCLING is defined as the collection of newspapers & paper products; corrugated paper & cardboard; aluminum food & beverage cans; steel & bi-metallic food & beverage cans; plastic products numbered 1, 2, 4, 5 and 7 (no plastic bags) and glass containers, excluded are plate glass, light bulbs, automotive glass, blue glass, porcelain and ceramic products. Ordinance No. 2972 of Upper Darby Township requires all residents to separate from their regular trash and to recycle the following:

To fit inside reasonably sized shipping boxes, memory foam mattresses must be vacuum-compressed. They are placed inside airtight bags at the factory, and a high-powered vacuum removes all the air inside the mattress.

Additionally, plastic coverings can be used to help prevent possible bed bug infestations. If you are moving or planning to place your mattress or furniture in storage, covering them with plastic can keep potential bed bugs from getting cozy in the linings of your fabric. Some other situations with risks of infestations, where plastic coverings might be beneficial include:

The Collection Connection program uses prepaid stickers for picking up extra items outside the carts. Household items that are too bulky to be bagged, bundled or put in the trash cart such as extra trash bags, bicycles, lamps, lawn chairs, sofas, mattresses, box springs, washer, dryer, etc. must have a prepaid sticker attached to the item for collection at the curb. Items will be collected on your regular trash collection day.

Use this sticker for upholstered furniture, mattresses, and other large items. These stickers are not for use with recyclables or yard waste. Use a separate sticker for each item and attach it where the driver can easily see it. Call 724.COLLECT (724-265-5328) option 2 to schedule a pickup.

These 82x15x100 Gusseted Plastic King Pillow Top Mattress Bags offer amazing clarity while providing superior protection against the elements, dirt, dust moisture and debris for moving or storage. These Extra large Heavy Duty .003 plastic Pillow Top King mattress bags for king beds are available to protect your King size box spring and King Size mattresses. These extra large plastic bags can be used to cover hospital bed frames and are able to be made without vent holes on a custom made basis. Mattress bags have butterfly vents on both sides 3" from the side, 10" up from the bottom and 10" between each hole.

At Dana Poly, we proudly have a great selection of mattress bags for sale. This bags come in multiple sizes to fit different types of mattresses. When you choose Dana Poly, you have the option to get these bags in various sizes. These sizes include:

Dana Poly has years of experience in this industry. We have become a trusted name for many who need custom bags and our results speak for themselves. And on top of these bags, we also manufacture many other different types of plastic bags for industrial purposes.

For more information about our custom plastic bags, please contact us today. We will happily answer any questions you may have regarding our plastic bags. Custom options may be available. To find out more, you can call our office at 1-800-474-1020. When you reach out, we can provide you with a free quote, too!

Trash Collection Most bulk items such as wooden furniture, mattresses, and other household items can be put out with regular trash. Mattresses must be sealed in a plastic bag or wrapped in plastic, secured with tape. A mattress bag can be purchased at Home Depot, Lowe's, Target or other local hardware stores.Large Metal Items & Tires Require a Special Pickup AppointmentAppliances and other large metal items, and tires are handled separately from other collections because they can be recycled. They are collected by appointment only

Please rinse all glass bottles, jars,tubs and plastic microwave trays/containers. Caps, lids, pumps, wraps, labels and detergent spouts may be left on. All paper and cardboard must be clean and dry. Corrugated cardboard, flatten, cut up 3' x 3' x 1' or less, box or bundle, do not use string, if cardboard will not fit into your tote, place beside or under your tote. Flatten all cardboard, cereal and snack boxes after removing plastic-coated liners. You can also recycle newspaper, white paper, colored paper, glossy newspaper inserts, brochures, junk mail, manila envelopes, phonebooks, envelopes, and brown paper bags.

Bulky items and white goods are eligible for curbside collection after purchase of a pickup permit. Yard waste can be picked up curbside if separated from regular trash and placed in recyclable paper bags or open plastic barrels April through November. Construction debris, hazardous waste, mercury products NOT ELIGIBLE FOR CURBSIDE PICKUP.

When putting out Christmas trees for curbside pickup, do not place them in plastic bags or stands. Lights must also be removed from Christmas trees. Plastic bags and other items can become tangled in the machine that grinds the trees into compost. Christmas trees will be picked up in January and February only. Residents needing a pickup after Feb. 28 will be charged a $25 fee. Christmas trees can also be brought to the compost site, 1 Kimberly Ave.

Yard waste must be in approved paper yard waste bags or containers (32-gallon max) clearly marked with a yard waste sticker that may be obtained by calling (248) 796-4860. Yard waste in plastic bags will not be collected.

Our plastic mattress bags offer excellent protection from dirt and moisture. These mattress packaging bags are made from a non-slip polyethylene material with butterfly vent holes. We have wholesale mattress bags to fit twin, full, queen, x-queen, king, and x-king-sized mattresses. The mattress cover bags come perforated on a roll for easy dispensing. All plastic is recyclable and/or reusable read our plastic recycling disclaimer for details.

Flexible plastic packaging like snack bags, chip bags, pouches and wrappers are NOT recyclable in our curbside recycling program. However, Terracycle offers various recycling programs for these items.

Animal feed or bird seed bags are NOT acceptable in curbside recycling.These bags are typically layers of different materials and once those layers are together, it's hard to get components separated so that they can be made into new things. Still not sure? Do the 'tear test'....if you can easily tear the bag and don't see a plastic film layer mixed with the paper, it's good to go for recycling.

All plastic bags and film are not accepted in curbside recycling. This includes: grocery/retail bags, mattress/furniture covers, newspaper bags, bread bags, dry cleaning bags, plastic wrap from toilet paper rolls, napkins, paper towels, bottles of water, etc., produce bags, frozen vegetable bags, food storage bags, bubble wrap and air filled bags for packaging.

Shredded paper can also be placed in a paper bag (no plastic bags), stapled shut, and added to your curbside recycling. Why in a paper bag? Loose shredded paper is like confetti and will make a mess at the facility.

Mascaro requires that all mattresses and box springs be wrapped and sealed in plastic when disposed. The Township sells queen-sized plastic mattress bags for $2.00/each at the Township Building during normal business hours. Plastic bags can also be purchased at most home goods stores and moving companies.

Bulk items such as couches and furniture can be placed out "as is" for collection. Toilets need to be unbolted from the tank for pick up. Cut, roll and tie carpet neatly so it can be hauled away (4 ft. length, less than 50 lbs.) Mattresses and box springs will need to be covered or wrapped in plastic before being disposed. Mattress/Box spring bags can be found at big box stores for a small cost. Bulk will be picked up one day per month instead of every week. The schedule is as follows: 041b061a72


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