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Although the study, published by the Journal of Urban Health: Bulletin of New York Academy of Medicine, is a small one, the researchers said it offers a window into a risky sex behavior that has so far been given little legitimacy.

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\"We hear from teachers and school counselors and sometimes the principals that kids are cutting school in the afternoon and leaving early to go have orgies -- and that's in middle school,\" Gary Bell, executive director of Bebashi-Transition to Hope, a local nonprofit that works with teens, told at the time.

However, the last teen mother I met ultimately became an academic child psychiatrist, making a presentation at a major, international conference. And Samantha, now an adult, has a career in healthcare technology, has posted her own TED, and has her own consulting company. Both of these women have happy successful daughters. And they are not unique.

Many would be surprised to know that a significant proportion of young women who have babies in their teens go on to do better in their lives than peers who do not have babies. They have better jobs. They are independent. They move up the social gradient. In fact, a significant number further their education. Researchers have often concluded that teen mothers are disadvantaged relative to their age equivalents, but if we compare those teen mothers to their social equivalents who do not have babies in their teens (i.e., young women of the same ages who come from the same social populations), many do better. If you are surprised, you are not alone, and this stigma can play a role in worsening health care outcomes.

When the goal is to improve health, everyone can stop adding to the stigmatizing of teen mothers while playing an important role that focuses on the strength of young parents, supports their goals of doing the best they can to raise their children, helps them get the resources they need, gives them hope and optimism, and views them as having the capacity to be good parents and successful adults. 041b061a72


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