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Cities draw a higher percentage of educated, highly-skilled young people because they host a lot of desirable, high-paying jobs. But there's a lot more to the city than these two media angles reveal: both fail to include the diverse voices that are not represented as well as other, less privileged individuals. And so we miss out on a lot of the more touching lessons the city has to offer us.

The predominant aim of the Adult, Aware, and Alive (AAA) project is to collect data on prevailing practices among inner city, mature adults and their health care providers in order to better understand the potential factors that place mature adults at risk for HIV infection. The results of the study will be used to increase awareness among the clients and their health care providers of current practices in the community. Specifically, we will:

The life of the church, generally speaking, is largely manipulated inthe services of worship, the Sunday school, and such auxiliaryorganizations as the Brotherhood, Christian Endeavor, Missionarysocieties, and other like organizations. At the present time the churchorganization itself is but little adapted to the needs of the growingboy, the church being a splendidly organized body for mature life. Onthe other hand, until lately, the Sunday school has been recognized as aplace for children under twelve years of age. With the Adult Bible Classmovement of the past few years, there has come a revival in the Sundayschool in adult life, so that the place of adults and children in theSunday school has been magnified. There still remains, however, the needof a modification of Sunday school organization to meet the need of theadolescent boy.

However, with all the change, past, present and contemplated, the schoolproper has but little time for the doing of its work. Fifty-two sessionsa year, of an hour's or an hour and a half's duration at best, fifty-twoor seventy-eight hours a year, only one-third of which is given to Biblestudy, furnish a meager opportunity to accomplish its aim. Compared withtwelve hundred hours a year in the public school, or the twenty-eighthundred hours a year a boy may work, it seems pitifully small, for theaim of the Sunday school is bigger than the other two. The Sunday schoolpurposes to fit the boy to play the game in public school and work andlife. It seeks to give him impulses that will help him to keep clean,inside and outside, to work with other boys in team play, to renderChristian service to his fellows, and to love and worship God as hisFather and Christ as his Saviour. The means it employs for these greatpurposes are Bible study, Christian music, the association of the boysin classes, and Christian leadership. To these the school is beginningto add through-the-week meetings for what have been called its secularactivities. All this has come after a great deal of campaigning on thepart of groups of devoted men and women interested in boy life andwelfare. The Sunday school has had to overcome many handicaps inreaching the boy of teen age, among which were the lack of efficient,virile teachers, a misunderstanding of boy nature, lessons not adaptedto the boy's needs, music that was not appealing, and the indiscriminategrouping of boys with members of the other sex. These, however, havebeen rapidly overcome, and today the school is fairly well organized tomeet the needs of the boy.

The study of the Bible that contributes to the boy's education is nowgenerally accepted to be that which is adjusted to the knowncharacteristics of boys. At one time, not so very far distant, allScripture was supposed to be good for a boy's moral and spiritualcharacter-building. One part of the Bible was held to be as good as anyother, the important thing necessary being to get the Bible into thelife of the boy, somehow. It did not matter much whether the boyunderstood all he read and was told, or not. It would prepare him forsome future crisis and enable him some time to better meet a possibletemptation. It was to be a sort of preventive application, very much asvaccination now is administered to ward off dreaded disease. And, totell the exact truth, it often did, and the treatment proved moreefficacious than some of the present-day Bible study methods, where mereknowledge is attempted. The mistake was the misunderstanding (formisunderstanding it was, and not a desire to merely plague the boy) ofthe fact that boys were developing creatures, spiritually as well asphysically, and that Bible study could be made pleasant as well asprofitable. It was a mistake due to a purely mature point of view and afailure to know that the boy mind needed different treatment from thatof the adult. Lately we have discovered, thanks to general education,that a boy's Bible study can be adapted to a specific purpose, and to apresent, clear, distinct and practical need of boy life.

These International Lessons are undoubtedly the best on the market atthe present time, although they are very far from being perfect. Gradualchanges, coming from experience in the local Sunday school, will modifythem considerably in the next few years, and they may actually prove tobe forerunners for an almost entirely new series of courses and lessons.They have been generously received by the eager workers in the localSunday school, as an advance on the Uniform Lessons, and where they arenow being tried satisfaction, for the most part, is being evinced. Agreat deal of dissatisfaction has been found with the treatment of theseGraded Lessons in some quarters, the Lesson Helps being too mature forteen age boys. However, in appraising the value of these GradedLessons, two things should be kept in mind, viz.: the selection of theLesson Material, and the Lesson Help Treatment of the selectedmaterial. Opposition to the lessons should never be taken because ofthe Lesson Helps. These can be remedied by the denominational publishinghouses, if their attention is called to the weakness or mistake oftreatment, and the teen age teacher can give great assistance to thedenominational editors by counseling with them.

There is, however, some good reason and very strong ground for uniformcycles, based on seasonable development rather than on chronologicalyears and intellectual rating. In some places the present ElementaryInternational Graded Lessons are being used just this way, although theydo not yield themselves readily to this usage. Cycles of four coursesfor the three main divisions of boyhood, nine to twelve years, thirteento sixteen years, and seventeen to twenty years, four courses to eachperiod, based on the general, seasonable development of each period,have much in their favor. Thus we might have four courses built onIndividual Heroism, four on Altruistic Heroism, and four on the SocialAdaptation which marks the reflective period between seventeen andtwenty. Boys do not mature by years. Growth and development is a jumpfrom plateau to plateau.

During the last few years separate Boys' Departments have come intofavor with some Sunday school workers. These departments should not beattempted, however, until every class is organized (see chapter on TheOrganized Sunday school Bible Class), and there is efficient leadershipto guide them. A premature start may be ineffective and prejudiceparents and boys.

Get information along the lines of: (a) bodily self-control; (b) theinjury of tobacco on the growing tissue; (c) the inroads of alcohol onthe growing and mature body; and (d) the economic, material and moralwaste of intemperance of every kind.

One thing more! Little good comes from denouncing tobacco in general. Alot of good men, influential men, strong Christian men, use it. If youhave facts concerning the bad effects of smoking on mature men that arereliable, make use of them, but be sure you are right about it.Ignorance multiplied by forty or one hundred does not mean wisdom. It isstill ignorance. Keep yourself out of the crank army. Do not be sointemperate yourself in thought, speech, and action as to lessen yourinfluence. Temporizing will not do the work, but let us be wise in ourapproach to the subject before boys, whose viewpoint cannot be expectedto be that of adults.

On the other hand, where there is only one group of adolescent boys inthe Sunday school, Graded Lessons are practicable, as well as necessaryto the best religious development of boyhood. The grading is cut down toa minimum, and it merely means fewer classes studying the same lesson.It would mean just the one group, with a new course each year. Thedifficulty is not with the lessons, but with the school officials andthe teacher. 041b061a72


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