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Jab We Met Full Movie 1080p Review: Why This Movie is a Must-Watch for Romance Lovers

Jab We Met Full Movie 1080p: A Romantic Comedy That Will Make You Fall in Love

If you are looking for a Bollywood movie that will make you laugh, cry, and swoon, then you should watch or rewatch Jab We Met full movie 1080p. This movie is one of the most loved and acclaimed romantic comedies in Indian cinema, starring Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor as two strangers who meet on a train and embark on an unexpected journey that changes their lives.

Jab We Met full movie 1080p

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Jab We Met is a Hindi movie that was released in 2007, directed by Imtiaz Ali. The title means "When We Met" in English. The movie is about Aditya Kashyap (Shahid Kapoor), a depressed businessman who has lost his love and his fortune, and Geet Dhillon (Kareena Kapoor), a bubbly Punjabi girl who is running away from her family to elope with her boyfriend. They meet on a train by chance and end up traveling together across India, from Mumbai to Bhatinda to Shimla. Along the way, they encounter various adventures, challenges, and emotions that transform them as individuals and as a couple. The movie is a blend of humor, romance, drama, and music that appeals to a wide range of audiences.

Jab We Met full movie 1080p is the best way to enjoy this movie, as it offers high-definition quality and clarity that enhances the visual and audio effects. You can watch the movie online legally on various platforms, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and Hotstar. You can also download the movie from these platforms for offline viewing. The movie has a runtime of 138 minutes and is rated U/A by the CBFC, which means it is suitable for all ages with parental guidance.

The main theme of Jab We Met is the importance of following your heart and finding your true self. The movie shows how Aditya and Geet help each other overcome their fears, doubts, and insecurities and discover their passions, dreams, and happiness. The movie also explores the contrast between the urban and rural lifestyles, the modern and traditional values, and the different cultures and languages of India.

Plot Summary

The movie begins with Aditya, who is the son of a wealthy industrialist, but has lost his interest in life after his girlfriend leaves him for another man. He also faces a financial crisis as his company is on the verge of bankruptcy. He decides to end his life by jumping off a bridge, but is interrupted by a group of musicians who invite him to their show. He reluctantly agrees and boards a train with them.

On the train, he meets Geet, who is a lively and talkative girl from Bhatinda, Punjab. She tells him that she is going to Mumbai to meet her boyfriend Anshuman (Tarun Arora) and elope with him, as her family is opposed to their relationship. She also tells him that she has a plan to escape from her family, who are coming to Mumbai to take her back home. She asks Aditya to accompany her to the station where Anshuman will pick her up.

However, things go wrong when Aditya misses his stop and Geet follows him out of the train. They end up in Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh, where they have no money or luggage. They manage to get some help from a friendly station master (Dara Singh) and a taxi driver (Kiran Juneja). They also have some fun moments together, such as dancing at a roadside dhaba and watching a movie at a theater.

They eventually reach Mumbai, where Geet calls Anshuman and asks him to meet her at a hotel. Aditya decides to leave Geet and go back to his life. He gives her his phone number and wishes her luck. However, he soon realizes that he has fallen in love with Geet and decides to call her back. He is shocked to learn that Anshuman has rejected Geet and left her alone at the hotel.

Aditya rushes to the hotel and finds Geet crying in her room. He consoles her and tells her that he loves her. He also proposes to marry her and take her back to Bhatinda. Geet agrees and they leave for Bhatinda by car.

On the way, they encounter many obstacles, such as a broken car, a robbery attempt, a police chase, and a landslide. They also share some romantic moments together, such as kissing in the rain and sleeping under the stars. They finally reach Bhatinda, where they are welcomed by Geet's family, who mistake them for a married couple.

Aditya meets Geet's parents (Pavan Malhotra and Kamal Tiwari), her grandfather (Saumya Tandon), her uncles (Tarun Raj Arora and Divya Seth), and her cousins (Teddy Maurya and Rubina). He gets along well with them and enjoys their hospitality. He also learns more about Geet's childhood, personality, and dreams.

However, he also faces some challenges, such as hiding his true identity from Geet's family, dealing with Geet's ex-fiancé Manjeet (Kulraj Randhawa), who still loves her, and coping with his own guilt for lying to Geet. He decides to tell Geet the truth about his feelings and his plan to marry her.

However, before he can do so, he is shocked to see Anshuman at Geet's house. Anshuman tells him that he has come back for Geet after realizing his mistake. He also tells him that he has spoken to Geet's family and they have agreed to their marriage. He thanks Aditya for bringing Geet back home safely.

Aditya is heartbroken but decides to sacrifice his love for Geet's happiness. He pretends to be happy for them and leaves the house quietly. He also leaves a note for Geet, telling her that he is going back to his life and that he wishes her all the best.

Geet, who is unaware of Aditya's feelings and departure, is confused and unhappy with Anshuman's sudden arrival. She tells him that she does not love him anymore and that she loves someone else. She realizes that she loves Aditya and decides to tell him. She reads his note and is shocked to learn that he has left. She runs after him, but is too late to catch him.

She calls him on his phone, but he does not answer. She leaves him a voice message, confessing her love and asking him to come back. She also tells him that she will wait for him at the same hotel where they met in Mumbai.

Nine months later, Aditya has become a successful and happy businessman, having revived his company and his life. He has also written a book based on his journey with Geet, titled Jab We Met. The book is a bestseller and has made him famous.

However, he still misses Geet and thinks about her every day. He decides to go to Mumbai to launch his book and to meet Geet. He hopes that she is still waiting for him at the hotel.

He reaches the hotel and finds Geet in the same room where they stayed before. She is overjoyed to see him and hugs him. He tells her that he loves her too and apologizes for leaving her. They kiss and reconcile.

The movie ends with Aditya and Geet getting married in a grand ceremony, attended by their families and friends. They also have a book signing event, where they sign copies of Jab We Met for their fans. They are happy and in love, having found their true selves and each other.

Cast and Characters

Jab We Met features a talented and charming cast of actors and actresses, who bring their characters to life with their performances. Here are the main cast and characters of the movie:




Shahid Kapoor

Aditya Kashyap

A depressed businessman who meets Geet on a train and falls in love with her

Kareena Kapoor

Geet Dhillon

A bubbly Punjabi girl who runs away from her family to elope with her boyfriend and changes Aditya's life

Tarun Arora


Geet's boyfriend who rejects her in Mumbai but comes back for her in Bhatinda

Dara Singh

Station Master

A friendly man who helps Aditya and Geet in Ratlam

Kiran Juneja

Taxi Driver

A helpful woman who drives Aditya and Geet from Ratlam to Mumbai

Pavan Malhotra

Geet's father

A strict but loving man who wants Geet to marry Manjeet

Kamal Tiwari

Geet's mother

A caring and supportive woman who loves Geet unconditionally

Saumya Tandon

Roop Dhillon

Geet's sister who is married to Manjeet's brother Vikram (Abhishek Sharma)

Teddy Maurya

Kuljeet Dhillon

Geet's cousin who is fond of Aditya and helps him in Bhatinda



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