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The Big Game Song Free Download

Download the free Alphabet all-in-one strip posters and/or flashcards set. This download would be perfect for your classroom alphabet strip. You can also use them for instructional purposes or print them 4 to 1 page and use them as flashcards. Download the free download HERE.

The Big Game song free download

It's time for football! As you know, January is Super Bowl month, so we thought we'd invite you to take a spin to the Avocado Bowl for the thrilling championship game between the Milwaukee Mugwumps and the Nome Frostbites! You'll probably see a lot more of the game than our hero does in this humorous rock piece for your youngsters. Each quarter of the game is met with disaster as anything and everything keeps him from sitting down to enjoy the championship! (Although you could use the song for just about any football game, from homecoming to "the big game" with your school's own rival team.)

If you wanted to "dramatize" this piece, you might try recreating the storyline. For example, you might bring in a simple living room setup consisting of a chair, an end table, a lamp, a phone, and an old television (or a mock one made out of a cardboard box). You could introduce the main character trying to watch the game, perhaps wearing a football jersey to show his or her support. Have him be interrupted each quarter of the game as in the song, having the rest of your class act as a "chorus" off to the side.

SEBASTIAN BACH and his guitarist Nick Sterling will perform their song 'We Are The Ducks' at the Oregon Ducks Pep Rally, tomorrow, Saturday, January 8th. The song is available for FREE download here, or with lyrics at this location.

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