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Google WiFi App For PC Download On Windows 10 ^NEW^

Additonal network information: I do a ipconfig /all and it shows me my ip on my pc, its default gateway and netmask.....on the google wifi app it says that the dhcp ip address pool is thru so i go into the hp printer screen and goto advanced setup where it allows me to enter a my default gateway, as my subnet mask and then i pick at random an ip within the dhcp address range , they appear to enter and stay but when i say done on all three, and back out of the menu it reverts to automatic on all three. I tried to add the printer with a ststic ip in the google app, and the google wifi app doesn't see the printer. I also reset the network on the printer back to its factory default. no help. TIA

Google WiFi App For PC | Download on Windows 10



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